Age:      18
Height:     183

The world over men (and no doubt some women) are anxiously awaiting more of this lovely young lady. Count me in, can’t wait. A suggestion for the crew, while walking across the bridge was a great opportunity for a naughty peek up Harper’s dress. Just a thought…. Love the panties, very sexy, and of course it’s what’s in them that counts.

Ren!!! You gorgeous!!!

Age: 19
Height: 168
City: Melbourne

Yah! One more sleep till the proper debut of Ren!
I love that this shoot in front of a big window. It is going to be great. I have a little bit of a fetish of nude photos in front windows or open doors. There is a voyeuristic appeal to that is really sexy.
Ren, also can’t wait to see you what you have on (tops and bottoms) before you get undressed

Absolutely beauty body

Meagan G
Age:      18
City:     Sydney

Gorgeous Meagan, it’s absolutely amazing to watch you undress yourself, to watch you touch yourself so sensually,and to hear you tell in your sweet voice where and how you like to be touched. So lucky are the guys who get the privilige to do it. For me all parts of your body are my favourites, and I mustn’t forget to mention your pretty face and your lovely hair. I hope to see you in a lot more shoots.