A Little Naked Adventure

A joy to see Sylvanna back to, in her words “steam up the screen again!” which she does most delightfully in this lovely outdoors shoot. Replete with sexy sultry looks to camera she undresses and disports herself on the rug; reclining, kneeling, on all fours, standing, bending towards, bending away from the camera. An admirably photographed blend of beauty, sexiness and colour, my thanks to all concerned.

little naked adventure

Bedroom Beautes

Many delights heralded and many delights delivered. A splendid T3 debut from Marina and Zarina that has a most harmonious yet contrasting feel as the subdued hues both complement and contrast with the warmth being generated by our two protagonists. A shoot of the P’s as pique passes to passion, they kiss and cuddle on the bed, in moments it seems clothes are being dispensed with, although in the case of Zarina’s socks put back again by Marina. Preliminaries over the two girls with delightful abandon explore each other, revelling in the sensations, the sheer joy of arousal, romping around on the bed until thirsts of passion slaked they lie entwined.
Jacki elegantly crafts an imageset that admirably conveys all the fun and erotic vim of this happy tale and that as such is a delight to peruse. My thanks to her, the team Marina and Zarina.

bedroom beautes

Toothbrush Insertion

Down on the floor of her living room, Noemi practices her stretching routine, displaying her extreme flexibility. Bending her torso forward as she slides her thumbs inside her skirt and pulls it down, Noemi uncovers her round bum and moves it from side to side.
Pulling her panties aside, her hand caresses her long pubic hair before rubbing her hand against her vulva, pushing her finger inside her as she begins to passionately masturbate.

toothbrush insertion

Holly V & Lucia M

Spreading her legs wide apart, Lucia smiles as she shows her dark, full bush to Holly, who grabbing Lucia’s panties, rubs them against her vulva before putting it next to her face for her to smell her own odor. Pulling her short top up, Holly closes her eyes as she lets Lucia kiss her pert nipples and grab her bum.
Bending her torso as she lays on all fours, Holly gets fingered from behind by Lucia, softly at first, but increasing the intensity more and more before finishing Holly by licking her from below, making her squirm as she orgasms.

holly v lucia m

Kitty’s Cscading Blond Locks

“A shoot to look forward to” and thus it has proved. A delightful debut set that splendidly captures the beauty, grace, elegance and sexiness of the lovely Kitty purrrr. The hallway, whose bright hues complement Kitty’s cascading blond locks and tanned skin tones, serves as a fine playground as Kitty with a palpable sense of (dare I say it?) Kittenish jocosity cavorts. Her frisky frolics continue as she repairs to the bedroom, the bed becoming a fine prop for more cavortings. Jacki marvellously captures all the frolics in a splendid series of compositions that admirably convey the aura fun being had. Particularily pleasing are those pictures where part of the backdrop are the bras and knickers being aired/dried by the radiator and those where Kitty stretches her lovely graceful legs. To Jacki, the team and Kitty my thanks for a fine, thoroughly enjoyable set.

kitty cascading blond locks

Maya’s Brassiere Adventures

This is a splendid set that marvellously introduces the beautiful Maya in all her delightful glory. In a series of finely lit and composed pictures Jacki, as is her wont, admirably narrates the tale of Maya’s brassiere adventures as with a delightful range of facial expressions and imagination she finds interesting uses for that garment. Throughout the compositions attest to a “Delight in Disorder”, epitomised perhaps by the shocking pink bra hanging from the TV as if idly or mayhap passionately thrown. A set that delights in all respects and for which my thanks are due to Jacki, the team and Maya.

maya brassiere adventures

Blonde Lesbians

Brandi and Satine now where can I get that intoxicating mix? Why! Abbywinters of course!
A warming set in all senses, the girls snuggle together warming each other, soon they are getting not just warmer but hotter, clothes have to be shed, cooling breaths and kisses lavished upon each other but, but the breaths and kisses do not cool, they inflame, igniting passions. They repair from their nest on the couch to the table where they partake of a fine repast; themselves, sampling delicious morsel upon delicious morsel; Brandi-ed Clitoris, Nipple of Satine lightly suckled in Brandi lips… The girls present a lovely contrast and complement to each other, both blonde, one fair skinned, one tanned, the rich dark hues of the table providing a fine counterpoint. The couch once more beckons, here in a tangle of limbs they energetically continue their lusty frolics before in a final flurry back to the table they go.
Jacki most admirably photographically narrates this warming tale in a series of splendid compositions that delight from the very first and for which my thanks are due to her, the team, Brandi and Satine.

blonde lesbians

Insertions With Fingers

The finely honed sense of anticipation has transformed into that happy sense of expectations met and more. A debut set from Asdyna that is a splendid convergence of beauty, colour, lighting, sexiness and artistry. It is a pleasure to follow Asdyna as she moves from bed to disport heself around the flat, much of the time in front of the large windows which provide for some fine lighting effects, imparting a lovely pearlescent glow to her warm skin tones. As indeed does the light streaming through the translucent panels in the door, this creates a splendid contrast to the rich ochre hues of the décor that complement those delicious skin tones and her flowing raven tresses, add to the mix Asdyna’s sultry, sensual looks to the camera and mmm…

insertions with fingers

Pale Pink Nipples

This is Anabela’s second shoot now and she insisted that she wanted to be shot outside, we of course were more than happy to oblige her!
Seeing this Red headed beauty and her stunning body unveiling outside was something nobody would want to miss. Sat in her armchair she reveals to us her sporty little blue bra, and we wont tell you what happens after that, you’ll just have to look inside and find out… its worth it!

pale pink nipples

Clean Shaven Pubis

Stella stands on her tiptoes as she reaches to the window to hang some curtains when up her loose skirt we catch a glimpse of her panties. Pulling down her skirt down her long legs, Stella moves towards the bed and taking off her top and bra, grabs her teddy bear and hugs it against her big tits.
Laying in bed completely naked, Stella grabs her favorite dildo and rubbing it against her vulva she can’t help but bite her lips when she pushes it inside her wet pussy, continuing to use it until she can no longer hold an orgasm.

stella dildo play