Lesbian Fingering

Raising their arms to the ceiling, the girls smile as they get closer and closer, pressing their breasts against each other’s. Slowly positioning herself behind Zina, Judith sensually kisses her neck while she pulls up her dress and tours her hands up her thighs.
Turning around visibly excited, Zina kneels before Judith as she pulls her bra down, kissing her nipples devotedly before moving to the couch and kissing her way down to her vulva. Switching sides, Judith lays on her back as Zina climbs on top of her, sitting on her face and closing her eyes as she enjoys the touch of Judith’s wet tongue on her clit.

Supple Arse

A stunning smile and eagerness to reveal the wetness between her legs, new model Aline shows she’s happy in her body and happy to show off her sexuality.
Pert young breasts and a supple arse, she peels down her denim shorts and wiggles her bum just the way you like it. Completely natural, wholesome fun…


Turning on her heels, Celine giggles as she bends forward and pulls her shorts down her long legs. Leaning back on a chair, she leaves her legs casually apart while pulling up her top, uncovering her large breasts.
Continuing to undress, Celine lays completely naked, brushing her hair and pubic hair with her favourite hairbrush. Moving to the other side of the room, she puts on her silk kimono, caressing her erect nipples with the soft fabric as she closes her eyes.


Alison has an irresistible accent and an even more irresistible flexibility that proves beyond all doubt to be a winning combination with her jaw-dropping legs and come-hither gaze…
When Alison unbuttons her flannel shirt, you just know that only good things can follow…Enjoy!

Maely & Nikolina

Sitting behind Maely, Nikolina gently kisses her neck as her hands slide into her blouse, caressing her pert breasts. Unbuttoning her blouse, Maely turns around and passionately kisses Nikolina as they lean down on the floor and begin to passionately undress each other, touring their hands all over their body, caressing their bums and pubic regions.
Laying completely naked, Nikolina rubs her vulva against Maely’s, moaning and squirming in pleasure. Turning around, Nikolina closes her eyes as she raises her bum with her face down, letting Maely finger her from behind vigorously until she can no longer hold a powerful orgasm.


The absolutely beautiful Aletta comes to abbywinters.com for her first ever time in front of the camera, and we’re very excited she did! She’s gorgeously shy Dutch girl with a cute and reserved demeanor, but one who definitely hides a very sexual side of herself!
Undressing she shows off her perfect, large, pert breasts and slim body with stunning tan lines. Moving around the room she removes more and more effortlessly seducing you with every glance and movement… oh and did I mention she came with her best friend…?

Liza K

Spreading her legs wide apart, Liza begins her stretching routine, displaying her extreme flexibility as she bends her torso forwards, pushing her round bum out in the process. Slowly beginning to undress, the pulls down her shorts, showing her pink panties that barely cover her full bush.
Continuing to undress, Liza sits completely naked on her exercise ball, playfully bouncing as she giggles. Leaning backwards on the couch she lets her legs up and apart, moving her hands towards her hairy vulva and spreading her labia with the tip of her fingers.

Agnes V

Well i don’t really want to say to much about this one because there’s an amazing little surprise in it somewhere, one of those “where did that come from!?” moments!
So all I will say is that if you have seen this absolutely gorgeous Asian in her previous shoot you’ll no doubt remember her and her slim body, pert boobs and sexually seductive personality. And if this is your first time watching one of her shoots, i promise, you wont forget her either!


Agnieszka’s labia is peeking from the side of her panties while she wiggles on her bed and rubs her self with body lotion.
She teases dripping water on her nipples and opens her legs to show her tampon string that is dangling. She is playful in her bedroom jumping on the bed sticking her perfect ass up.