Danna & Valeria

Valeria and Danna sit facing each other on exercise balls. Bending their torso backward, they stretch their back displaying their flexibility. Spreading her legs apart, Danna pulls Valeria’s foot and presses it against her panties while she caresses breasts.
With Danna laying on all fours on top of the exercise ball, Valeria sits behind her, softly kissing her back as she fingers her from behind.

danna valeria

Deep Lesbian Kissing

Ooh! A girl-girl where BOTH model have glasses! I’m so excited about this! I’ve told Kylie before that I love girls with glasses, and thanked her for keeping hers on the whole time in her shoot with Satine. And now she’s matched with gorgeous Chevana. Awesome.
Chervana and Kylie is my cup of tea! These two dark eyed brunettes do a great job of getting their tasty young bodies in all kinds of positions for our viewing pleasure!
It seems to me that the girls did a nice job pleasuring each other and had fun doing it. Both girls paid a lot of attention to each others pretty breasts, which is always hot to see. Chervana’s breasts are so full and gorgeous right now. The part in video two where Kylie is up against the window and cumming, and there is long shot of just her face in the throes of ecstasy, is so outstanding!

deep lesbian kissing


Coming back from her morning jog Nayomi gets in to slip out of her hot clothes and relax on the chair, obviously though she isn’t tired enough just yet and a little more self indulging exercise is needed! Running her hands over her smooth dark skin and Large breasts she spreads open her legs and lets her hands move over and inside her smooth shaved pussy.
Both standing and sitting she plays with herself getting closer and closer to climax, and without sounding too cryptic there’s a helping hand from a little purple dolphin near the end…


Playfulness And Passion

It may sound crazy. Kylie’s of a medium height but her overall adorableness and tiny little waistline gave me the impression she is more petite than she is. I remember thinking Cleo was taller than she was. I guess I can make some wrong guesses about sizes with women, unless they are really little or pretty tall.
An absolutely wonderful GG. I love the mix of playfulness and passion, and the tribbing just before the end is incredibly exciting.
Thanks girls!!!

playfulness passion

Gorgeous Figure

Innocent and reserved, Jemma’s a girl that seems that way at first. But you got to watch out for the quite ones! In the bedroom its another story, flirtatiously undressing and showing off her gorgeous figure, long legs and pert little breasts Jemma really comes out of her shell to show you her passionate side.

gorgeous figure

Dark Full Bush

Adelina lays on her tile floor and raising her hips up she slowly slides her fingers inside her colourful shorts and pulls them off, revealing her panties and her dark full bush, with pubic hair visible even with her panties on.
Moving towards the couch, completely naked Adelina rests on all fours with her bum moving from side to side. Grabbing one of her hair clips, she uses it to pinch her soft nipples, as she continues to rest displaying her slender body.

dark full bush

Anca & Galina

Sitting behind Galina, Anca presses her round breasts against her back as she gently kisses her neck. Turning around, Galina passionately kisses Anca’s lips, moving her hands towards her round buttocks. Laying on her back, Galina smiles as Anca pulls down her panties, uncovering her hairy pussy as Anca slowly kisses her inner thighs and moves slowly towards her vulva.
Turning around, Anca closes her eyes and moans deeply as she feels Galina’s wet tongue licking her from behind. Standing next to each other, Galina and Anca look into each other’s eyes as they finger each other vigorously until they can no longer hold an intense orgasm.

anca galina