Lesbian Tongue Kissing

This girl girl image set is down right dirty. Chanise & Evette are completely enamoured with one another. They ravage each others big boobs, then move down to the natural bush for some explicit oral sex. They take their time with one another, being sure to taste all of their partner’s wetness.
There are a heap of amazing close-ups in this set where you can see exactly how much these girls love it.

lesbian tongue kissing

Kylie V

Beautifully vivid greens penetrates through the bedroom blinds, and onto the beds soft surface where we find gorgeous, dark haired Kylie curled up in her short exposing hooded jumper.
Kylie is a stunning girl that really takes pleasure in feeling sexy within herself, and showing off her amazing features. Her slim body and kinky little clit piercing. She might come across as being innocent, but get deeper into this shoot and little erotic hints may change your mind.

kylie clit piercing


I know some members have had some lingering nerves and reservations as to what this move to Amsterdam might do to the caliber of natural young women we have here on the site…but oh my word…do we have a treat for you. Exploding on to the screen today is our very first, very sensuous and VERY provocative solo shoot by our darling newbie Gretchen.
The German folk had a good day when this exquisite being was created. When Gretchen mentioned she had a lover abroad who she missed terribly, we jumped on the opportunity to connect the lovers in a sexual experimentation. A saucy hand written letter describing every detail of her shyly spoken sexual desires. But this blonde shy flower does not stay closed for very long. Her budding sexuality evolves fervidly before your wide eyes, until the freedom of her delicious exploration is almost too much to bare.
Peering daringly over dainty glasses, a book worm this lady is not. The appetite in which her fluffy laced lips devours her sleek glass dildo, will demand your attention and send you into a deep fluster.

gretchen glass dildo masturbation

Cleo C & Galina

Cleo lays in bed taking a nap when Galina approaches her silently and wakes her up caressing her pert breasts. Slowly unbuttoning Cleo’s pajamas she softly kisses her breasts. Cleo is fully awake by now and grabs Galina’s bum firmly bringing her against her as they begin to passionately undress each other.
Laying on her back Galina closes her eyes as she sees Cleo climb on her and position her wet vulva on top of her face. Grabbing with both hands Cleo’s bum cheeks, Galina licks her pussy from below, making Cleo squirm and moan in pleasure.

cleo galina


I think the best way to describe Babette is captivating. Her bubbly personality and great body are hard to steer away from, but it is really her amazingly deep and sensual eyes which hold you and keep you fixed on every small and subtly sexy movement she makes.
In this image set Babette’s fun, bouncy personality can be seen as she is let loose to express herself on one of the biggest bean-bags you’ve ever seen; evocatively rolling in its warm and inviting softness, she takes the time to have a little self indulgent play.


Taylor M

Sitting in bed, Taylor sketches on a piece of paper before she begins to sensually undress. Taking her top off and her short, tight jeans, she uncovers her hourglass figure and fair skin body.
Raising her legs up in the air Taylor smiles and slowly spreads her legs apart, exposing hairy vulva. Jumping off the bed, Taylor bend forward peeking out the window, while she pushes her bum out, letting us catch a glimpse of her anus and vulva from behind.

taylor meaty lips

Evette & Jaclyn

Seductive sips of tea swiftly escalates into a steamy and passionate midday embrace. Evette and Jaclyn’s wandering hands and lips soon find there way to places usually reserved for the cover of privacy, but luckily for us the bright Australian sun illuminates the scene and allows us to see every naughty little detail.
A beautifully rare and subtle moment is captured when two shyly erect nipples brush against each other. Lifting themselves onto the window ledge and pressing against each other, these two brunette beauties soon come spiraling down to the floor together in an eruption of pleasure.

evette jaclyn rimming

Holly V & Sabrina V

Smiling as she presses her hands firmly against Sabrina’s breasts, Holly can’t help to show her excitement as she feels Sabrina’s hand touching her panties. Laying on the couch, Holly raises her bum and hips as she lets Sabrina slide her panties down her long legs, exposing her hairy vulva.
Without hesitation, Sabrina goes down on Holly, passionately licking her hairy pussy as Holly moans and squirms in pleasure. Laying down on the floor, Sabrina smiles as she sees Holly approach her, positioning her vulva on top of her face, letting her devotedly lick her as she bends forward to continue fingering Sabrina in 69 position.

holly sabrina


Tinneale is a real all natural beauty. Her untouched body with soft, sensual under arm hair and full pubic bush is a gorgeous sight from any angle. These features are beautifully accented by her brilliantly bright blue eyes and pert, well shaped breasts.
In this shoot Tinneale is found alone in the kitchen stroking her pet cat on the table top, looking deep into the lens with her big blues she flirts with your gaze; and soon you will be willing her to undress and reveal to you her stunning body. Happily the series culminates with just the erotically naked scene you wanted.

tinneale short hair