Gorgeously Tanned Bum

A delightful romp of a set as Lana gets frisky, much in keeping with the spring weather, happily rather than gambolling she is more sexily playful in her friskiness. The bright room with it’s fine light, a happy consequence of the sunny day and its large windows/glazed doors, presents fine backdrop against which to set Lana’s beauty, her lovely tanned skin her lustrous flowing black locks and sparkling eyes. The couch providing for an ideal prop upon and around which Lana can give her frisky inclinations fine vent, she undresses, a delightfully teasing smile on her face. However, undressing alone does not stem those inclinations for with a broader smile a toy is produced, with which Lana plays in all manner of positions over and around the couch, she is joined briefly and again at the end by her friend Una who has her own toy, a hint of further delights. All is captured in a splendid series of compositions that do full justice to Lana’s beauty, the sense of playfulness, the possibilities offered by conjunction of location and light, my thanks to all involved especially Lana.

gorgeously tanned bum

Maylin & Tatyana

Smiling as she says Maylin getting closer, Tatyana leans back and opens her legs as Maylin kisses and caresses her breasts. Pulling Tatyana’s colorful bra to the side, Maylin licks her nipples while Tatyana grabs her firm bum.
Raising her legs up in the air, Tatyana can’t help but exhales deeply when Maylin’s moist tongue licks her vulva from bottom to top. Rushing in excitement, Tatyana pulls Mayling towards her, making her sit on her face so she can give her oral while Maylin continues to finger her passionately.

maylin tatyana

Nudity in Nature

Ahh Evette’s third solo and as lovely as always. She meanders round the garden sensuously disrobing as she does so, the bright colours of her dress and her luscious skin tones deliciously set off by the rich dark verdant hues of the foliage. Her glance with a coquettish sultriness toys with the camera and lucky viewer to effects delightful. A thoroughly enjoyable set, for which my thanks are due to all concerned.

nudity in nature

Kandice & Marina M

Without preamble clothes are deemed superfluous, there are breasts to cup, to massage with cream, to suckle and then, well there is so much else to explore, to play with, to arouse, the succulent flesh of lovely bottoms to grasp, to pull close. There is that soft smooth flesh of the inner thigh to lightly caress as your fingers, mouth and nipple make their way to the delights that lie at the crux of those same thighs. This and more, the girls, with a splendid athleticism embark upon as they cavort across the bedding the windowsill, the bedding, bodies entwining all manner of delightful positions.

lesbian lotion play

Beautiful and Buxom Nicole

A resplendent set in all respects, the dazzling beauty of Nicole, the delightful play of bright sunlight and shadow upon her lovely form, her golden locks aglow in the same light. Splendid composition follows on splendid composition as Nicole moves around the steps, garden furniture and finally on her throw upon the grass, a lovely study in contrasts between the dark verdant hues of the grass and foliage, the shadows and Nicole’s fair complexion. Thoroughly enjoyable, my thanks to all concerned.

beautiful buxom nicole

Slim Natural Body

A pleasurably chirpy debut set from the lovely Kalina, who charms with her beauty, effervescence of character and expressiveness of visage as she undresses on the couch and floor, playing first with her game then scarf, hat and bag. Under Jacki’s tutelage and with a grace, elegance and sense of fun she poses and stretches, standing, kneeling, sitting. All the better to show her tall slim beauty and show it she does to splendid effect which Jacki admirably brings to our screens in a set comprising fine compositions that are a joy to view. My thanks to her, the team and Kalina.

slim natural body

Seduction Lesson

A lovely set that has a sumptuously sultry feel to it as the beautiful Julia beguiles the camera and viewer with her lustrous brown eyes. As upon the couch she disrobes the vibrant colours of her underwear contrasts, delightfully, both with the pastels of the furnishings and Julia’s lovely softly warm skin tones. It is always a joy to see Julia and this set is no exception, for which, my thanks to all concerned.

seduction lesson


Casually spreading her legs apart, we catch a glimpse of Lupe’s panties up her skirt. Slowly pulling her top up, she lets the fabric caress her nipples while her hand moves towards her panties, pulling them aside and revealing her immaculate shaved vulva.
Grabbing her favourite dildo, Lupe rubs it firmly against her wet pussy before pushing it inside her as she moans in pleasure. Closing her eyes, Lupe continues to masturbate, exhaling deeply as she uses the tip of her fingers to rub her clit until she reaches an intense orgasm.


Lesbian Butthole Pleasures

Lifting Masie out of her winter blues, Laura offers her some bed-side compassion with a warm bowl of soup and a flirty little hug. Feeling the erotic tension building both girls take a cheeky peek at each other, from here on the passion escalates and soon Masie has climbed on top and the two are frantically removing each other clothes.
Revealing Masie’s supple breasts and Laura’s gorgeously slim figure the two run their hands and tongues over each others skin in an erotic blur of blonde hair and entangled legs. After a montage of exotic positions and an intense orgasm the two relax on the bed together…

lesbian butthole pleasures

Nude on the Windowsill

A delightful debut set from the lovely Sofie in the bedroom, undressing on the bed and against the backdrop of the large window. A window before which she capers in a deliciously sexy manner and upon which are seen some fine reflections of her lovely lithe form. Throughout she enchants with delighful expressions and her lustrous brown eyes, attributes that Jacki captures and presents with a fine panache, as she does Sofie’s beauty and playfulness. A set replete with fine compositions that are a joy to view and for which my thanks are due to jacki, the team and Sofie.

nude windowsill