Lanky and lean

Anna O

Age: 22
Height: 179
City: Sydney

Anna seems to suit the greenery, even though she looks kind of awkward draping her lanky frame over the branches of this tree. Still, she’s not afraid to show herself in public, so I guess that means she’s very comfortable with how she looks, and that’s all that matters – without girls like Anna O, where would we be then?

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Bright red, fun girl


Age: 20
Height: 164
City: Sydney

The prennial favourite, Susie returns for a shoot that was actually photographed quite a long time ago. Here she’s acting like the sweet silly girl she is, in front of a bright red backdrop. We don’t do many shoots in front of backdrop paper, it doesn’t normally lend itself to very interesting shots, but with a model like Susie you can’t go wrong.

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Yellow dress


Age:      24
Height:     173
City:     Sydney

Francis is a legend. She’s one of those girls you know was real naughty when she was little. Now she’s a big girl, but she’s still got that ratbag twinkle in her eye. That can only spell trouble. We liked her lots because she was down to earth, straight up and friendly, but she has a real fire spark and a groovy sense of style that is truly her own. Gotta love a woman like that!

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