Beatrix & Nichole

Beatrix lifts up Nichole’s top and reveals her stunning large, pert breasts. Gripping them with both hands, Beatrix pushes her face against them, her lips exposing Nichole’s nipple from underneath her red lace bra.
Flicking Nichole’s nipple with her tongue, Beatrix raises their want for each other as they collapse in a half-dressed heap on the bed. Undressing fully, they both indulge in each other; Nichole places herself between Beatrix’s legs, putting her fingers inside her wetness and then putting her mouth over her open vulva. Experimenting with every position they can think of, they entwine together and bring themselves to intense orgasms!
It’s a joy to welcome our dear Nichole back to AW after a two-year absence. As we learned from her brilliant, beautiful essay about her AW experience, she certainly hasn’t left erotica behind since departing the site: she’s been writing a master’s thesis on pornography spectatorship and the relationship between performers and viewers. It makes me happy to know that so many of our wonderful models are incredibly intelligent and have involved their AW work in their studies. I’m sure we’d all love to have look at some excerpts from Nichole’s thesis, if it were possible.
I’d be intrigued to hear how her academic work informed her performance here, but from the stills, I can say she is as amazingly sexy and passionate as ever and perfectly matched with gorgeous Beatrix. Standing side-by-side, Beatrix looks a bit like a somewhat more petite version of Nichole, with her amazing breasts, fit body and sultry-yet-innocent smile. More compliments to follow the sure-to-be-hot video!
“Look at her! Look at her, she’s so pretty!” Nichole all but squeals, excitedly waving her arms at Beatrix when Masie asks if she’s had a lovely time having sex with her new friend. Of course, the same sentiment could be applied to gorgeous Nichole, and it actually approximates my thought process just about every time a new model joins AW. It’s so lovely to see beautiful women who so thoroughly enjoy playing together and giving each other pleasure.
Beatrix and Nichole’s perfect bodies, with amazing boobs and bright, sparkling smiles, fill every second of this video with exquisite beauty. They are so good at telling each other what they need (“Please don’t stop licking me!” “Do you mind if I touch myself while you do that?”), that there’s no doubt they will both achieve many wonderful orgasms. Beatrix looks beautiful lovingly licking Nichole’s pretty pussy, bringing on a flushed orgasmic moan followed by deep kisses in the afterglow. They experiment with receiving oral sex while standing, bending over the dresser and even rubbing their boobs between their partner’s legs in a rush to experience as much pleasure as possible.
In a first for AW, and maybe for porn, Beatrix adventurously balance a huge book of Sherlock Holmes stories on her head while she stands up and Nichole licks her. She gamely tenses up her body to keep it from falling for quite a while, but it tumbles to the floor before she cums. She says they won’t make the Guinness Book of World Records, but I’m not so sure. That was an impressive performance, and one of many highlights from a shoot by two wonderful models who embody what Abby Winters is all about. Thanks ladies!

Beatrix and Nichole

Evette & Jaclyn

Age: 23
Age: 21

Evette makes the tea and this happy infusion works wonders as the girls indulge in mutually pleasurable massages, Jaclyn saying that the “brain switches off”, however, as the video marvellously demonstrates, the brain may switch off but the body clearly switches on. As Jaclyn massages Evette’s calves, then thighs, they lean together and tender gentle beginning becomes altogether something raunchier, with a splendid breathiness, passionate fervent kisses are exchanged. No! Rained upon each other. Clothes are thrust aside, flesh is exposed, “Fuck you have amazing tits” Evette huskily says as mouths fasten onto breasts, then mouths move down; down to pussy-town (thank you Navah {or maybe that should be mossy-cleft}) fingers probe, tongues flick; “You taste really nice”. Arousal simmers, bubbles, boils as the girls writhe in steamy sunlit embrace upon the couch, until at last sated they lie, remembering the tea, they sip then exchange tender kisses. A splendidly humorous ‘after’ follows wherein Evette memorably comments “Jesus man you’re one of those people who comes from like a strong breeze blowing between yours legs”.

Iveta & Katia

Age:      24
Height:     157,179

Oh me oh my! Two delectable cuties who interact with each other in a very sensual way…..this one is a ten! I haven’t watched the vids yet, but from the photos I can tell they like each other and what they’re doing. I’ve been around for about five years now, and I’ve always loved redheads that are ALL redheads. Brunettes with such beatific smiles have always been my favorite as well. Both girls are plush and soft, eager to please and oh-so-sexy!! This may not be the absolute best one on the site, but it certainly is one of the top ten. I think the girls’ attitude and the affection they show is what makes it a cut above some other sets. And, as always, the technical side of the shoot is superb. It’s very pleasant to watch girls having fun–this set is going to be archived for another viewing.
Congratulations, ladies, a job well-done!! Hope to see you again soon.

Giselle & Sue-Ann

Age:      21
Height: 170,178

These girls are so darn hot together! Their orgasms are so intense and sexy, and I love the way they talk naughty to each other. The dialogue before Sue Ann goes down on Giselle is priceless (culminating in Giselle’s “get your face in there!”) and tingles went up my spine (not just from sexual excitement) when Giselle is cumming and Sue Ann all but shouts “God you are so fucking hot!” at her. These two horny little sex goddesses were so turned on by each other, it was electifying. I understand it was Sue Ann’s first time, and she did an incredible job, but I was a little disappointed for Giselle that she didn’t get to give oral — she obviously wanted to lick Sue Ann’s pussy so badly. But they both got amazing amounts of pleasure and looked so stunningly gorgeous that this was an incredible shoot!

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