Chloe B & Phoenix

July 5

Age:      22
Height:     155,170
City:     Melbourne

Wow, the orgasms in this one could generate enough energy to light several city blocks! Two things are crystal clear: Chloe and Phoenix are absolute pussy-eating experts, and they love to do it. When they cum, they both move around so much their partner has to move to catch up and finish the job. Phoenix looks great in the throes of orgasm, but Chloe just reaches extraordinary heights of pleasure when it’s her turn. We’ve seen her with so many different girls, giving them all the most passionate and dedicated oral sex ever captured on film, but I’ve never seen her so thrillingly orgasmic. It’s like a lifetime achievement award for all her incredible work, and she utterly deserves it. “Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry!” Phoenix says. “No!” Chloe almost shouts at her, panting to catch her breath. “That was great!” The amount of pleasure she has brought into the world, sharing her wonderful body, masturbating, and showing so many girls the time of their life, should qualify her for some kind of Porn Nobel Prize. Let me be the first to nominate her.

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