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Jemma M

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Jemma’s a free spirit with fine legs and a great arse!
She’s home alone, showing her body the love it deserves and you’ve got the perfect view! Slipping out of her demure print dress she reveals more than creamy soft thighs and a smooth flat stomach, she reveals moist, pink, untouched and unspoilt pussy lips…
A beautiful third solo from Jemma, we’ve so far seen her in the bedroom, kitchen and now garden, happily there are still plenty more rooms and outdoor locations to explore. There is a happy congruence between the blossom on the tree and the reds of Jemma’s apparel and a delicious dance of sunlight and shadow, a happy compliment to Jemma’s bubbly character, which Charli eloquently captures. My thanks to Charli, the team and Jemma for this imageset that is a joy to view.

Jemma M

Small Breasts

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Parting her curly black hair, Louise stands by the window and undresses her slim body to expose her full bush and feminine figure.
Slipping out of her white lace bra and panties, she lies back, spreading her legs as she gazes seductively. Pressing her fingers between her open labia, Louise teases by exposing her pink, wet vulva. Fully naked, she explores every inch of her body!


Pinching Nipples With Pliers

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Sneaking into her dad’s workshed, Caity teases with her long legs and short skirt. Her stunning athletic body barely hidden by her clothes!
Playing with some of the equipment, she spins on the seat whilst slowly removing her clothes. Exposing her smooth tanned skin, she gives a seductive glance and grips onto her beautiful pert breasts and slender torso. Lifting her legs up, she spreads her legs and leans back. Biting her lip, she presses her fingers against her open, wet vulva. She holds eye contact as she feels her smooth labia and sensitive clitoris!



Friday, June 26th, 2015

Oh no, Kronful, Kathryn has a lovely trimmed bush, she shouldn’t touch a hair of it! And such a sweet smile. I’m a bit jealous of the elephant, though. Kathryn, I wish you well in your new single state in life. You go, girl!
What a wonderful girl ! Beautiful slim body, sweet little titties, nice smile, pussy hair, this is my kind of girl, I will give her a top rating. It would be great to have a video of her…. Good work Kathryn, thanks for sharing yourself with us, you put a smile on my face …. Please give us more, and it would be great if you let your underarm hair grow out….
She is beautiful one of the loveliest on the site and yes she kept her pubic hair which I prefer. But what I really want to point out is that Kathyrin is not too shy to do ANAL SPREADS. She has a beautiful anus that compliments her beautiful genitals wonderfully and she is proud to show it off. Nothing turns me on more than that!
Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. My room is on fire now. Kathryn. Hope to see more of you. I followed your instructions.


Flora & Salma

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Flora grips Salma’s dark hair as Salma pushes her tongue deeper inside Flora’s open, wet vulva. Her whole body tensing with the pleasure, Flora looks down at Salma and locks eyes as the licking continues.
Embracing on the sofa, they passionately kiss, their hands scrambling over each other’s bodies, undressing and exploring. Switching positions, Flora and Salma take turns in treating the other to a barrage of fingering and licking. Pushing hard, they both work to raise the each other to a screaming orgasm!



Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Jada stands up on her tip-toes as she pulls her tight leggings over her pert round bum; the cheeks pressing together as the material pops over them.
Looking back over her shoulder Jada looks down her body, her hand wandering over the curve of her back, her fingers stopping as they make contact with her soft labia. Pulling at them she spreads them and opens up her wet vulva invitingly. Peeking through her glasses she smiles as she gets down on all fours, opens her legs and pushes her naked bum back.


Mila outdoors

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Mila moves between the lush greenery of the outdoors as she explores a secluded farm on her own.
Moving through the gates and into the open areas, she finds a private spot to start undressing and expose her slender, pale body to the elements. Peeking through her glasses, she slowly reveals her pert breasts and erect nipples. Her hands moving down her body, she feels her full bush and wet vulva as she lies back and pushes her fingers deep inside herself.


Vicki J

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Redhead Vicki lays naked on her bed, illuminated only by the soft light from her window and a bedside lamp.
Exposing her soft, pale skin and pert breasts, Vicki runs her fingers over her body, staring suggestively as she feels her contours and curves. Brushing through her red pubic hair she pushes her fingers deep inside her wetness, her body tensing as she pleasures herself. Vicki stops to surprise us twice!

Abby Winters

Tribbing in Chair

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Beatrix revels in Carmen’s perfectly pert breasts and smooth pale skin as she passionately undresses her body and grabs at her breasts with both hands.
Embraced against each others naked bodies, they both indulge in the other’s feminine form. Carmen’s hands explore Beatrix’s curves as they work over her breasts and down towards her wet vulva. Sucking, licking, fingering and grinding they cannot get enough of each other as they climb together to orgasm.



Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Gripping onto her pert, firm breasts, Chiara looks down at her petite youthful body, her eyes surveying every inch.
Her hands undress and explore her body as she moves in front of the window. Natural light streams around her body, highlighting every curve and feature. Slipping down her panties, she exposes her smooth shaven vulva before moving further down to feel her meaty labia. Turning around onto all fours, she pushes her bum back willing her firm, tanned cheeks to be played with as she looks back over her shoulder.



Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Anahi pulls apart Beatrix’s ass cheeks, revealing her pink anus. She kisses her warm thighs and gets closer and closer to her bum before going into a deep rimming session, stimulating Beatrix’s most sensitive body part.
Playfully looking at Beatrix’s petite bum in shorts, Anahi wants to get more intimate with her partner. While reading a book together, their lips, like magnets, lock together leading to a passionate kiss. Beatrix slides her hands underneath Anahi’s shirt and grabs her large breasts. Her mouth wanders to her nipples so she can lick and suck them. Beatrix slowly slides down to return the favor, first by sucking on her underwear and then by plunging her tongue in between her hairy labia.



Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Oh, guys are going to LOVE Fallon. She’s got the best sense of humour, adventure and fun! And she likes to use Verity to demonstrate her favourite sex positions in her video…
Wow! This set is the most fun one I have seen anywhere! What a display of color, texture, pattern and ATTITUDE! Huge kudos to director, photographer and model. I can’t wait for the video, though I doubt it will top the stills.
Excellent set. Fallon’s quirky choice of clothes – love those stripey tights – gave a really fresh look to the pictures, as did her fun attitude which came out very well in the shots. I can’t go without also mentioning her lithe figure, beautiful breasts and nipples and her little strawberry-blonde pubic fuzz – so cute!