Jada & Kenji

Looking up from between her open legs, Kenji gives Jada a cheeky grin as she flicks her tongue over her exposed clitoris.
Kenji’s bright and stunning eyes suggest she wants to play as she grips onto Jada’s clothes, willing them to be removed quickly! Grabbing and pressing their bodies against one another, they lick, finger, suck and grind to orgasm. Jada revels in Kenji’s pert breasts and Kenji indulges in Jada’s perfectly formed round bum.

Jada and Kenji

Meaty Lips

Undressing her slender athletic body, brunette Alicia runs her hands up her flat stomach and over her small breasts.
Sitting down, she extends her long, sock covered legs out and wide. Feeling the soft skin of her inner thighs, Alicia lets her fingers wander onto her labia and over her open vulva. Standing up, she lifts her leg high up on the cabinet, her fingers still tentatively hovering over her vagina, she gives in and starts to slowly push her fingers deeper inside her wetness.


Beatrix & Nichole

Beatrix lifts up Nichole’s top and reveals her stunning large, pert breasts. Gripping them with both hands, Beatrix pushes her face against them, her lips exposing Nichole’s nipple from underneath her red lace bra.
Flicking Nichole’s nipple with her tongue, Beatrix raises their want for each other as they collapse in a half-dressed heap on the bed. Undressing fully, they both indulge in each other; Nichole places herself between Beatrix’s legs, putting her fingers inside her wetness and then putting her mouth over her open vulva. Experimenting with every position they can think of, they entwine together and bring themselves to intense orgasms!
It’s a joy to welcome our dear Nichole back to AW after a two-year absence. As we learned from her brilliant, beautiful essay about her AW experience, she certainly hasn’t left erotica behind since departing the site: she’s been writing a master’s thesis on pornography spectatorship and the relationship between performers and viewers. It makes me happy to know that so many of our wonderful models are incredibly intelligent and have involved their AW work in their studies. I’m sure we’d all love to have look at some excerpts from Nichole’s thesis, if it were possible.
I’d be intrigued to hear how her academic work informed her performance here, but from the stills, I can say she is as amazingly sexy and passionate as ever and perfectly matched with gorgeous Beatrix. Standing side-by-side, Beatrix looks a bit like a somewhat more petite version of Nichole, with her amazing breasts, fit body and sultry-yet-innocent smile. More compliments to follow the sure-to-be-hot video!
“Look at her! Look at her, she’s so pretty!” Nichole all but squeals, excitedly waving her arms at Beatrix when Masie asks if she’s had a lovely time having sex with her new friend. Of course, the same sentiment could be applied to gorgeous Nichole, and it actually approximates my thought process just about every time a new model joins AW. It’s so lovely to see beautiful women who so thoroughly enjoy playing together and giving each other pleasure.
Beatrix and Nichole’s perfect bodies, with amazing boobs and bright, sparkling smiles, fill every second of this video with exquisite beauty. They are so good at telling each other what they need (“Please don’t stop licking me!” “Do you mind if I touch myself while you do that?”), that there’s no doubt they will both achieve many wonderful orgasms. Beatrix looks beautiful lovingly licking Nichole’s pretty pussy, bringing on a flushed orgasmic moan followed by deep kisses in the afterglow. They experiment with receiving oral sex while standing, bending over the dresser and even rubbing their boobs between their partner’s legs in a rush to experience as much pleasure as possible.
In a first for AW, and maybe for porn, Beatrix adventurously balance a huge book of Sherlock Holmes stories on her head while she stands up and Nichole licks her. She gamely tenses up her body to keep it from falling for quite a while, but it tumbles to the floor before she cums. She says they won’t make the Guinness Book of World Records, but I’m not so sure. That was an impressive performance, and one of many highlights from a shoot by two wonderful models who embody what Abby Winters is all about. Thanks ladies!

Beatrix and Nichole


Luna seductively slips her clothes off her slender body, each article revealing more of her smooth dark skin.
With her effortlessly sexy smile, she holds eye contact as her hands feel and explore her naked body. Laying back, she grips her pert round breasts and slowly opens her long legs to expose her dark trimmed pubic hair and soft labia. Gripping her firm bum cheeks she rolls backwards, lifting her legs high up in the air.


Rubbing Pussy on Table

Elisa’s petite, naked body stands illuminated by the window, her smooth pale skin showing off her svelte physique.
Gripping her breasts she slips onto the floor, her legs spread across the front of the coffee table’s wooden leg. Reaching out, she grips onto the wood and pulls it closer so it presses against her open, wet vulva. Grinding her hips, she further presses her clitoris against the post, the sensation making her whole body tense as she brings herself to orgasm!


Carla B

Undressing her slender body, Carla sits by the open window, letting the light illuminate her pale skin and tight curves.
Peeking suggestively through her glasses, she shows off her playful personality as well as her petite round bum and small breasts. Writing in her hand written bio she says she wants to “liberate herself, become brave and bold, and show the world my beauty.”
Wow, this was such a great shoot! One of the most adorable solos I’ve seen so far. I loved listening to her talk, she really has a fantastic and descriptive way with words and seems very imaginative. Not to mention her petite body is just perfect!


Armpit Hair

Pulling back her underwear, brunette Laura reveals her thick and dark, full bush. Smiling seductively, she grips the hairs, twisting and playing with them as she lies back on the sofa.
Laura explores her tall, naked figure as she runs her hands over her breasts and down her body towards her hips. Showing off her natural body, Laura gives a cheeky smile as she lifts up her arms to reveal small tufts of soft underarm hair.

Laura spreads her hairy pussy

Elisa & Flora

Flora looks up from underneath her petite body as she pushes her fingers deeper inside Elisa’s wet vulva Flora.
Passionately kissing and undressing, Elisa and Flora cannot get enough of each other’s naked bodies, exploring every inch of their pert breasts and slender hips. On and off the bed, they dedicate every ounce of energy to giving each other the best orgasm they possible can!



Cerys’ smooth tanned skin glows and her large, clear, sea green eyes twinkle as she slowly and carefully peels off her white cotton top and slides down her denim jeans. Her arse is tight, round and incredibly squeezable and her neat little breasts prickle with goose bumps…spoil yourself with these beautiful photos from Cerys.


Gretchen and Yara

Hooking their bras together, Gretchen and Yara flirt shamelessly as they crave to touch more of each others natural bodies.
With Gretchen holding onto her toned naked stomach, Yara reaches inside Gretchen’s bra and pulls it down to expose her pert breasts and large pale nipples. Undressing each other, they explore their partners bodies as they grind, finger, suck and lick their way to orgasm!

The handwritten bios say it all for this one.
Yara: “I had one of the most insane, longest orgasms of my life. That was amazing. Gretchen has a lot of horny, intense sexual energy. I love that.”

Gretchen: “I’m so happy that we took the time to have the orgasms we deserve! It was a great pleasure to watch Yara come.”

Intensity was the word of the day for these amazingly pretty girls. Gretchen indeed looks enthralled as she fingers Yara at a steady pace and watches the pleasure build on Yara’s face until it reaches a crescendo of incredible moans. Gretchen then embarks on epic journey towards her own orgasm, putting a belt around her neck in a kinky touch as Yara feverishly licks and rubs her. All the hard work pays off with an explosive release of pleasure — we’ve seen Gretchen orgasm oh so many times, but this one is memorably electrifying.
Thanks girls!

Abby Winters