Camping Girls

A shoot of especial loveliness, three beautiful models in beautiful surroundings, we enjoy, as they enjoy, indeed revel in riverine frolics. A splendid accompaniment and complement to the fine imageset, from the hilarious backstage through the delights that unfurl and reveal themselves in the main. The river scenes featuring Charlotte and Joanna and their subsequent ‘sharing’ of their cool watery pleasures with Juliette as she lies unsuspecting on the riverbank being of particular note in a video replete with such joys.
Patience admirably and eloquently captures all the fun and frolics that make this such a delight to watch and listen to and for that my thanks are due to her as they are to the team Charlotte, Joanna and Juliette.


Age: 19

Chahna’s been posting up a storm of the forums lately, she’s smart, funny, super approachable and loves meeting new people! So head over to her thread  today and chat to her about a delicious new intimate moment video featuring a stunning brunette with large almond eyes and large, natural breasts…Tasty!

Meagan K

Age: 18

Looking rather sporty today with her tight white tank top and high cut shorts (her undies peeking through), new model Meagan has a coy smile that’ll melt your heart and put on the edge of your seat at the same time!
Pale creamy skin and round light pink areola encircle her dainty little nipples…Whipped to perfection!
Meagan K is a fine Aussie girl-next-door model with some Aussie girl-next-door interests – shopping, clubbing and netball playing  (not that there’s anything wrong with any of that at all … ) Delightful smile, lovely fair skin, small perky breasts, nice slim body (those hips) and pleased to see a natural bush.