Age: 22

A very attractive girl and a the shots of her were such that we were treated to a very good profile of her beautiful figure, her gorgeous eyes, and her sense of fun doing the shoot. I also get the impression that she is a fun loving girl who is happy with her life right now.

Katherine and Hannah

Simmering heat that can’t contain itself. Passion as their eyes lock. Desire bursting to the surface as Katherine and Hannah reach for each other, locking lips hungrily and pressing bare breast against bare breast…
Thick creamy pussy juice lets fingers slide in easily and tongues enjoy the ride…


Goodness gracious, what an erotic kaleidoscope of colour and beauty, the lovely Emily, her fair complexion, long flowing strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, vibrant red top, blues, mauves, pinks, the gloriously verdant hues of the grass and foliage all washed by a golden sunlight. Jacki, with consummate artistry takes this palette and in a splendid imageset paints a picture redolent with a sense of summer and summer fun, further, in so doing does justice in full measure to the beauteousness of Emily making for a wonderful debut that is a delight to view, both for the now and in the future, especially, maybe on cold winter nights.