Joanna M

Age:      18
Height:     171

Before the Shoot : I’m usualy heaps grumpy first thing in the morning, but today i feel great ! Maybe coz it’s such a gorgeous day, or maybe coz I get to do a shoot ! so excited !!
After the Shoot : I’m super tired. Today was great. It was so relaxed and fun ! Just flopped around on the couch 🙂 I’m just gonna go home and sleep now ! Hope you guys like it !!

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A beautiful young lady


Age:      20
Height:     171

I really got a good feeling from Irena as well. She’s also a real looker — reminds me a bit of Stephanie Birkitt, talk show host Dave Letterman’s former assistant and, apparently, former lover. (U.S. members will know what I’m talking about; not sure what his international reach is.) There are of course some differences…Irena is gay and German, but I can fantasize, can’t I? Sexy bra too.

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Kelly G

Age:      24
Height:     165

A splendid video debut from Kelly, she tells of her wish to do and experience everything at least once, I hope that the operative word in respect of AW is “least”. A joy to watch Kelly undressing, with some delicious scenes as she runs her fingers through and teases her “lady garden” and as she stands by the lace curtained window caressing and running her hands over her body, ending by enfolding herself in the curtains. My thanks to Patience, the team and Kelly of whom I hope we get to experience more, much more.

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Jette & Mia H

Age:      22

Great photography in this set, with Jetta’s lovely pale skin and dark hair accentuated against Mia’s slightly darker and very silky skin by the ambient light of the bathroom. Lots of sensual touching and smiles as well, the girls seemed to be at ease with each other in the bathroom, and it’s such a natural place for them to get to know each other with the warm water flowing over their lovely figures and giving giving them lots of pleasure as well. Thanks to the girls and team for this one, and I bet making the video is as much fun for the girls as the photo set.

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