Carly T & Katherine F

Age:      19
Height: 170

A wonderful shoot starring two very special young ladies! We’ve gotten to know Carly so well in the past few months, her cute body and excellent sexual skills, so it’s a joy to see her passionate, animated self back for another go-round. For her very first T3, Katherine is a revelation! She is an extraordinary beauty and something about her lovely face and flawless body reminds me of Renaissance paintings. It’s so wonderful to see her so enthusiastic and uninhibited in making love.
Katherine looks lovely as she opens her legs wide to give Carly the best angle to lovingly lick and stroke her gorgeous pussy, and her panting, moaning orgasm is exquisite. When she gets down between Carly’s legs to try her tongue at oral, it’s possibly even more beautiful. Her passionate licking and determined looks up at Carly show just what a caring and thoughtful lover she is. How amazing that at the moment of her orgasm, Carly leans into kiss Katherine! Just so sweet and darling. A phenomenal round of tribbing as well: I love that Katherine has an orgasm during it! Sometimes I wonder if pussy-to-pussy contact is a bit more fun for the viewers than the girls, but Katherine managed to cum while tribbing both Carly and Susie, so I gather she enjoys it about as much as I do.

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Pottery Girls

Age:      22
Height:     159-178
City:     Melbourne

As I’m sure you’re all aware, there’s a giant patch of fungus growing under the state of Oregon, believed by some biologists to be the world’s largest living organism. Well, the girls got to thinking what would happen if, all of a sudden, it erupted through the earth’s surface. So they made this clay model of of a giant fungus tree sprouting in downtown Portland. And wouldn’t ya know – it had aphrodisiac properties.

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