Age:      21
Height:     166
City:     Melbourne

Melinda peels off her tight jeans and white cottons to reveal her lovely large nipples and some explicit poses.

Melinda you’re a real beautiful girl. Lovely long dark hair (I love long hair), sparkling eyes, great smile, and a nice curvy body (very nice bums btw).

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Spinning around

Age:      20
Height:     153
City:     Coastal New South Wales

Ivana was so disappointed when we confessed that we couldn’t do a fairy shoot with her as we’d already done one with the ever cute Elizabeth. “Oh, well….I could be a pixie then’, she says in her cutest wee Aussie accent. The girls all turn to Abby as if to say, Ah ma, can we keep her! Yep, Ivana is just that cute. And if you haven’t clicked on yet, she’s obsessed with fairies and magic. Probably why she’s so enchanting. We certainly all thought so. After her shoot she’d give us each a kiss and hug goodbye and tell us how much she’d miss us. Ah, we love those kinda models.

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Age: 24
Height: 5′ 7″
City: Melbourne
Occupation: Entertainer
Hobbies: Photography

With her cute kittens on her knickers, and her cheeky smiles as she allows us a peek up her skirt, Darcy is going to break hearts. Sorry, we knew it would happen but we wanted to show her to you anyway, she is far to beautiful to keep to ourselves.

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