Age:      22
Height:     182
City:     Melbourne

Oh my… how beautiful is Immie… And how much do her eyes “pop” because of her sexy lingerie?? Almost be sad for her to take them off… ALMOST I said… but I’m not stupid.
Wonderful, beautiful, lovely, splendid, enchanting, gorgeous, enthralling, adorable, alluring, exquisite, stunning, pulchritudinous, and all the other words I can’t think of at the moment.

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Age:      22
Height:     167
City:     Melbourne

Giselle has the classic beauty of decades gone by. She shows us her stockings, then gets quite explicit. Afterward it’s time for a pee shoot.
Giselle: your set is one of the most naturally beautiful and sexy I’ve ever seen. I love those poses of yours and those outdoor shots were sooooo great. You’ve got a beautiful body, I’m sure everyone agrees with that.

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Waterside Girls

Age:      19
Height:     170-180
City:     Melbourne

What powerful classical imagery! This scene could have been so easily imagined by some ancient Greek artist — three water nymphs at play.
Our beautiful naiads had better watch out for satyrs. . . I’d certainly be apt to chase them

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Age:      21
Height: 163

I love Aisling’s eyes! They are simply beautiful. And captivating. And a whole pile of other words used to describe something so cool! I wish I had eyes like that.
Aisling has lots of great things of course, but my second fave after her eyes would have to be her super blonde hair. I remember the days of blonde…ah, so long ago now!

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Age:      20
Height: 156

Christen’s from another world, one where beautiful dark-haired angels perform tantalizingly delicious dances and swish their long silky locks in the sunlight…sigh… She basks in the light, swaying her body in the wind, her fingers ever-so-lightly grazing over her pert, softly puffy, perfect nipples.


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ahaha! Well if chief is winking, it’s gotta be good. You are beautiful Rosalind!!
I knew my degree in Renaissance poetry would come in handy some day! And what better way to use my command of Shakespeare than to praise our pretty, pretty Rosalind on her special day! The day when she goes from being known to us only as one lovely photo and a charming presence on the boards to sharing all of her beauty with the world. Hope you’re prepared for the flood of adoring compliments that are headed your way!
You are just so amazingly gorgeous, Rosalind. Your wonderful, curvy body is the very essence of female beauty, and your beautiful face would cause my breath to catch in my throat were I to pass you on the street. Gosh, that radiant blond hair, those crystal blue eyes, that charming, endearing smile — I’m definitely feeling like Orlando. I think my favorite picture is just after you’ve slipped your bra off and you give an electifying smile that conveys total confidence and happiness. Just lovely, and I’ll leave it at that.