Age: 22
Height: 166
City: Melbourne

Lucy H is simply awesome. Starting off from the very first few pics, you can’t miss those lovely blue eyes and that sunny smile which is spellbounding. Lucy looks so gorgeous in that nice purple top and denim skirt, how am I going to cope when she starts taking clothes off? Thankfully Lucy reveals parts of her fantastic body one by one, giving pause to recover from the wonder each time.
Lucy’s breasts are very nice indeed, not too large but with a lovely rounded shape. Her figure looks just as good from behind too, especially her bum! And finally she takes off those white panties to reveal a lovely full bush of dark pubic hair (the best one I have seen here recently, thank goodness). Could Lucy possibly be more sexy?
A radiant, ever so beautiful girl like Lucy is brilliant enough but playing about in the water (just after I had expressed appreciation for Abby’s water shooting in another thread and said how much I like seeing the girls get a bit wet).
Thank you Lucy you are so very nice and also Abby for a great shoot beside the sea



Age: 21
Height: 162
City: Melbourne

I’ve only just had a chance to check out Evangeline’s supersized set and I have to add my Wow.
A very pretty woman – I love her pale and interesting complexion and the peaches and cream hints. not to mention her auburn hair and green eyes which were superbly captured in Abby’s portrait shots / face close-ups.
More to the point I was completely blown away by the intimate close-ups. From the visual evidence I would have to assume Evangeline found the whole experience very enjoyable. Given that Evangeline wasn’t ‘spreading’ or playing with herself, the explicitness of these close ups was all the more exciting. Added to the supersized photos meaning that every moist hair and drop of girl-juice was individually discernible, these have to now number among my favourite close-up shots – and pale beauty Evangeline to my favourite models (which I will concede is now quite a big elite  ).