Diana & Rosanna

Age: 19
Height: Not very tall
City: Melbourne

What a match up, Diana and Rosanna hit it off instantly and can’t keep their hands off each other. They make the most of the space around them, making themselves very comfortable.

Diana & Rosanna

Purple nurple

First time posting, so i thought i would chuck an extra thread in.
Thanks all kindly for visiting abby winters, such a great team to work with and I can’t wait to return to contribute more to everyones viewing. All that you see is genuine!
I just got my L’s (slack yes i know) so i’m thinking of having a driving lesson after this! STAY OFF THE ROADS PPLS!
It took me so long to get my L’s, and i dolled myself up hoping that i would get a good mug shot for my Licence, but NO i was caught off guard and i look like a goose. Lets hope no spunky coppers pull this hoon off the road and have to see the dodgy mug shot!
Thats all the exciting news from Sophie Joy.
Once again thank you for visiting!

Purple nurple


Age: 20
Height: 157
City: Melbourne

Sandy can be found studying hard when she’s not taking off her clothes and giving us a bit of a show, if she’s not got her nose in a book she’s making cute clothes that show off her curves.
We have to wait to find out if Sandy H had a Bra that was part of a set with her Panties !



Age: 21
Height: 158
City: Melbourne


Did my last ever shoot today as I’m heading back home on Saturday. Back to the U.k for Christmas, oh whoopee, I think not. Spent a year over here and in general, had a fantastic time. Never had so much fun working. Done lot’s of work for AW over the year, thinking at first, it will only be one or two shoots at the most. Little did I know…..Haha.
But I hope everyone has had a fantastic time as I have working for this wonderful company. A little birdy tells me that they have won an award for being the best website in Australia, so they must be good!!!
Thanks so much for everything. I will never, ever forget you.