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Annette & Greta

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Goodness, that was beautiful. So many memorable little moments, starting with Greta untying Annette’s super-cute string panties (even if she did have trouble). It was very sexy to see them untied and her pussy completely exposed while Greta played, but the panties not quite removed — couldn’t say why, but I loved it.
Greta is so gorgeous, and you can see what a tender lover she is the first time she gives Annette oral, looking up with those lovely eyes as Annette responds sweetly to her sexy flicks of the tongue. Great close-ups that highlight the loveliness of Greta’s face framed by Annette’s pretty pussy and thighs. Annette’s first orgasm is very nice, especially the interesting “missionary” fingering position that allows Greta look into her partner’s eyes and kiss her flushed face as she cums. Very cute. Her second, more intense orgasm is breathtaking, with the clenched hands grasping the sheets and her entire lovely, curvy, soft body flexing as the pleasure overtakes her. Just stunning, and one for the AW orgasm highlight reel.
Beautiful work girls. It would make me glad just to know that two such sexy girls had made love and given each other pleasure, but to see it in loving color elicits my eternal gratitude. The world is a prettier, happier place with this video in it: thank you so much for making it.

Wrestling Girls

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Such concentration, such focus! Three pairs battle it out collegiate wrestling style. Leotards pulled tight, intense energy, heat and hurt pride are features of this group nude Wrestling Girls shoot. Chloe B vs. Annalisa, Fotina vs. Carly T and Immie wins over the Italian beauty Violeta!
What a fantastic shoot! I loved the whole sequencing of the shoot, with each pair taking turns in the center spotlight with the other two pairs lit softly from above in the background. It was great when the pairs in the background would pause to watch the pair in the middle. All of the models looked beautiful!

Five girls on a mountain picnic

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Models in this shoot

Age: 19

Age: 22

Age: 19

Age: 25

Kylie T
Age: 23

The video for the Picnic Girls is lots of fun. Sitting on the edge of a cliff, the models drink champagne, then play Truth or Dare. The game brings out heaps of sex questions and the
I love them all.
Groups of happy girls simply enjoying themselves, while getting naked for our enjoyment.
These are my favourites, and I will not disappoint any by announcing any of the others as “The Best”
All the girls, photographers and backstage crew all deserve my thanks and congratulations.

Movienight Girls

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Priya Age: 23
Leandra Age: 23
Twyla Age: 26
Natalja Age: 24

Sexy dark skinned Priya, tanned blonde Leandra and big breasted friend of Nichole, Natalja are ready to go for a movie night in this fun and erotic girl girl video. Alternative Asian

laria & Satine

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Like something that could’ve been pulled out of a period piece, this erotic girl-girl is subtle yet suggestive, modest yet magnetic and gentle yet gritty in rawness.
Set on a vintage velvet chaise, brown haired Laria with a face full of freckles, and blonde bombshell Satine with pale skin as milky as snow, show us what it is truly like in the first encounters of sex in a new arena.
Newly introduced to the bliss’s of girl-girl exploration, these two fresh faced youths find wide eyed excitement in discovering every delicious inch of each other. Letting moist tongues lick through hair covered mounds, these natural goddesses love to watch their partner moan in bit lip enjoyment.
Hurried undressing, nipples that kiss, and a plethora of tasty tongue and finger penetrations mean this girl-girl hardcore shoot is a must see.

Waterfall Girls

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

How come when ever I go to a waterfall that never happens to me?
Damn that’s beautiful and I’m sure that waterfall is too.

The Florist Girls

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Age: 26
Age: 22
Age: 26

wowweee!!! what a beautiful shoot! 3 gorgeous ladies playing with flowers and all things beautiful

Video Game Girls

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Age: 24
Hayley F
Age: 25
Age: 19
Age: 20
Age: 22

It’s group shoot time! Five cute girls having a blast just being themselves, fun in the nude – and you know the best bit?
They’re all playing very active video games so that means boobies jiggling and bottoms bouncing as they swing, bowl, swipe and swish their way through strip baseball… Batter Up!

Charlotte & DeeDee

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Charlotte E
Age: 21

Dee Dee
Age: 27

An enchanting, captivating imageset, a splendid confluence of beauty and colour in the ‘naughty’ corner. Charlotte and Dee Dee standing, kneeling, lying, entwined in a tableau of contrast, the tanned Charlotte against (scrumptiously so) the fair Dee Dee as they, in their desire to get to know each other unveil a cornucopia of visual delights. A kiss goes on and…, hands wander, kneeling become lying, clothes are in disarray then shed , wandering becomes caressing, fondling, probing and not just with hands. Charli succeeds admirably in bringing all this to us in a very fine imageset that is a delicious melange of shots from all angles and distances, united in their exposition of artistry and quality.

Evette & Jaclyn

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Age: 23
Age: 21

Evette makes the tea and this happy infusion works wonders as the girls indulge in mutually pleasurable massages, Jaclyn saying that the “brain switches off”, however, as the video marvellously demonstrates, the brain may switch off but the body clearly switches on. As Jaclyn massages Evette’s calves, then thighs, they lean together and tender gentle beginning becomes altogether something raunchier, with a splendid breathiness, passionate fervent kisses are exchanged. No! Rained upon each other. Clothes are thrust aside, flesh is exposed, “Fuck you have amazing tits” Evette huskily says as mouths fasten onto breasts, then mouths move down; down to pussy-town (thank you Navah {or maybe that should be mossy-cleft}) fingers probe, tongues flick; “You taste really nice”. Arousal simmers, bubbles, boils as the girls writhe in steamy sunlit embrace upon the couch, until at last sated they lie, remembering the tea, they sip then exchange tender kisses. A splendidly humorous ‘after’ follows wherein Evette memorably comments “Jesus man you’re one of those people who comes from like a strong breeze blowing between yours legs”.

Ball Pit Girls

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Age: 19
Height: 152-165
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Cassie : Can’t wait to play with the balls ! Kristen, zasha, keilyn and romana are hot property !
Romana : Today is the day of balls… and fun so let’s play ! excited and nervous…
Christen : Hey it’s christen I am really exited to play in the ball pit today 🙂 It’s going to be so much fun !!
Zasha : Todays shoot is going to be a fun one. I like playing with balls. Feeling tired today but the excitment is starting to take over. These girls are going to be fun, everyone looks hot !!
Keilyn : pumped up, i like big balls and I can not lie ! playtime time awaits !

After the Shoot :

Cassie : the shoot was so much fun ! keilyn was an awesome competitor.. very foxy lady to. I love her and cant wait to see her again !
Romana : wrestling balls everywhere and soo much laugh ! Fantastic !!
Christen : this shoot in the ball pit was so much fun, and the other girls are great !
Zasha : It feels like it’s been a long day. Feeling a bit exhausted But it was sooo much fun !! I hurt my toe 🙁 But it doesnt matter Balls are fun 🙂
Keilyn : That was flabtastic, also flaplicious ! Lots of love for my biatch cassie. I am tired never had so many balls in one room, should get out move …

Mia & Susie

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

The girls are playing Dress-ups! Or is that “un-Dressups?” Ooh La la! Susie and Mia start off innocently enough, trying on each other’s clothes but all the bare skin must have had an effect because Susie moves in for the first rather steamy kiss!