Age: 25

She is so beautiful. TRUE redhead. Green eyes. Awesome smile. Excellent bum. I have been literally counting down the days to this post. I was worth it. Thank you Sacha! Thank you Abby for continuing to deliver such beautiful models and genuine redheads!
Sacha- thank you for not making your eyebrows black. I love their natural color.

Wonderful eyes and fabulous breasts

Carly T
Age: 19

Looking delightfully sleepy, with sexy bed hair and cute girly pyjamas on, Carly T rolls around her bed first thing in the morning, looking suspiciously like she may be trying to stop you heading off to work! She peels her clothes off seductively, revealing slowly but surely more and more of her slim, natural body.
It’d be hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with Carly around.

Beautiful.Wonderful eyes and fabulous breasts


Age: 21

Blonde, blue-eyed and an absolute stunner, Kacey has that cute abby girl-next-door look you’ve been looking for! Don’t let her endearing off-centre smile and angelic face fool you- she’s in touch with her sexuality and knows exactly how she likes to be pleasured! A wonderfully explicit shoot I know you’re going to love!


Age: 25

There’s something about Alma’s sweet gaze that will stop you in your tracks.
And if they won’t, then her creamy, passionate breasts certainly will. Watch as she peels clothes from her skin to display her erogenous, seductive figure.


Age: 18

Such a classy and beautiful girl. The bed setting allows Miranda to get into a variety of positions which show off her wonderful body to maximum effect. Some great angles. All the time in this shoot Miranda looks very relaxed. The good lighting brings out just how beautiful she is, those eyes are amazing.
And for any fine art critics in the audience, did you notice her fingers? Minus the scab on on finger they’re the old classical painter’s ideal, tapering to dainty little fingertips, hands relaxed and fingers parted gracefully. I don’t think I’ve ever seen hands like that in real life. In the old days portrait painters routinely embellished their female patron’s fingers to make them look like that.

Five girls on a mountain picnic

Models in this shoot

Age: 19

Age: 22

Age: 19

Age: 25

Kylie T
Age: 23

The video for the Picnic Girls is lots of fun. Sitting on the edge of a cliff, the models drink champagne, then play Truth or Dare. The game brings out heaps of sex questions and the
I love them all.
Groups of happy girls simply enjoying themselves, while getting naked for our enjoyment.
These are my favourites, and I will not disappoint any by announcing any of the others as “The Best”
All the girls, photographers and backstage crew all deserve my thanks and congratulations.


Age: 22

Blaire’s just as bubbly and confident as ever! Her perfect skin gets a nice rosey blush as she describes all the naughty things she’s gotten up to on a squeaky sofa….but that’s


Movienight Girls

Priya Age: 23
Leandra Age: 23
Twyla Age: 26
Natalja Age: 24

Sexy dark skinned Priya, tanned blonde Leandra and big breasted friend of Nichole, Natalja are ready to go for a movie night in this fun and erotic girl girl video. Alternative Asian


Violet is just as beautiful as ever. Her hair is a little longer from her first shoot, and she has nice blue eyes and a great body. Petite and yet well proportioned. You could never get tired of seeing her.


Age: 19
Height: 160
City: Melbourne

What a fantastic hairy bottom and pussy. I love seeing your beatifully creamy cunt. What joy it must be to lick you out.

laria & Satine

Like something that could’ve been pulled out of a period piece, this erotic girl-girl is subtle yet suggestive, modest yet magnetic and gentle yet gritty in rawness.
Set on a vintage velvet chaise, brown haired Laria with a face full of freckles, and blonde bombshell Satine with pale skin as milky as snow, show us what it is truly like in the first encounters of sex in a new arena.
Newly introduced to the bliss’s of girl-girl exploration, these two fresh faced youths find wide eyed excitement in discovering every delicious inch of each other. Letting moist tongues lick through hair covered mounds, these natural goddesses love to watch their partner moan in bit lip enjoyment.
Hurried undressing, nipples that kiss, and a plethora of tasty tongue and finger penetrations mean this girl-girl hardcore shoot is a must see.


Jesus, she is gorgeous!! ……. a stunning Beauty from head to toe And how I love the closeups – must be some of the best on the site! I’m just very very happy happy