Oh my God, this is sooooooo sexy!

December 14

Cleo & Larissa M

Age: 19
Height: 171,169
City: Melbourne

The stills are fantastic!
Two of my all-time favorite abby girls, brought together beautifully.
The sequence where Cleo hands Larissa her panties is very sweet and erotic. Ice has been used so much in erotica it is almost a cliche. What Jacki and the girls do with the ice cubes and light in this imageset is phenomenal!

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3 Responses to “Oh my God, this is sooooooo sexy!”

  1. ramakrishna Says:

    please give your phone number

  2. OOmpah Says:

    Wow, that is intense and unique! Two of the most shockingly gorgeous girls that i’ve seen in a while. A different take on the photography as well; so tight and close, puts you right in the middle of the apparent chemistry with these two!

  3. Tadeus Says:

    Fuck, men what a sluts ! So youngs and so hot !

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