Beautiful young lady

October 20

Age: 20
Height: 160
City: Melbourne

“This is the best quality photography technically I have seen to date on – congratulations to the photographer – this is a notch up from the regular stuff – nice work! I shoot adult content here in the UK for a number of sites worldwide, and I think that abbywinters is the best site on the net, but the quality of the photography from the technical perspective is generally only average. Well I hope this shoot is the way of things to come as the lighting is perfect – great skin tones and overall balance. Beautiful model too.”
Cheers, Paul A (aka PJA Media)

2 Responses to “Beautiful young lady”

  1. gerald Says:

    well, it’s true – outstanding photography, although honestly I think that to claim Valentina’s shoot to be the best so far by Abby completely misses the point. The series is among the ones rather far from Abby’s usual shooting policy, actually for me, I’ve always liked Abby’s shots because they’re so absolutely and in fact immediately recognizable, that is to say the shots themselves plus the “depicted items”. From this point of view, the Valentina series does look almost interchangeable, hardly any “Abby Winters” characteristics, yet still a gorgeous girl, of course.

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