The splits in specs

July 1

Alex C

Age: 21
Height: 163
City: Melbourne

Very, very beautiful and fun-loving. Reminds me of an old flame. Hope she sticks around for a while…
Alex C is the office-girl-next-door. Not that I know (or want to know) where she really works. Maybe AW HQ is the only office she has stepped into lately. However it’s no stretch for me to imagine her as the woman on the other side of the office partition (or maybe a female Departmental Head  ). And no, it’s not just the glasses. Anyway, with such fine skin she’s not picking fruit for a living. Along with those curves there are some lovely, full breasts. And full bush – something I’m always glad to see. I’m totally guessing here but as far as ‘pubic styling’ goes natural isn’t fashionable for today’s office girl.


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