Flexible Yoga

April 21

Welcome the the gorgeous Alyssa for her first ever abbywinters.com shoot, and she looks incredible stretching and undressing her toned, slender and tanned body, her small pert breasts and her amazing long legs.
Following her natural morning routine she sits in the window with her drink before laying out the mat and running through her yoga moves, all with a seductive and stunningly sexually twist!
What an amazing body. All muscle and at the same time all sexy. Wow! Very impressive.
Yes Alyssa, the face is everything. For example, I’m not on AW just so I can learn about pretty female anatomy lol, because I’ve seen plenty already. I’m here to see beautiful whole women like yourself. The face is where everything begins and ends really. However, your bottom is so perfect that it deserves special mention here. WOWIE!
One more thing – thanks for showing us your gentle, contemplative, vulnerable side.

Flexible girl Alyssa

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