Butt Plug Play

Giggling as they browse through Mille’s toy, Paola smiles as she gets blindfolded and slowly stripped down by Mille. Pulling down Paola’s panties, Mille caresses her long, dark pubic hair and firmly squeezes her small breasts. Using numerous objects, Mille plays with Paola’s body, making her squirm in pleasure.
Bending down on all fours, Paola caresses Mille’s curved body and moves behind her. Mille hold in her hands her favourite butt plug and gently pushes it inside her while Paola fingers her behind. Laying on their backs, the girls continue to play with themselves, fingering each other until they reach a powerful climax.


Girly Casey plays with her ponytails as she casually pulls up her skirt showing her colourful panties. Taking her panties off, she lays on her back and spreads her legs wide apart exposing her hairy bush.
Grabbing her favourite dildo she attaches the suction cup of it to a book and slowly guides it against her wet vulva, putting it deep inside her as she begins to masturbate, moaning in pleasure as she gets closer and closer to orgasm.

Mary & Tilly

Playfully engaging in a pillow fight, Mary and Tilly giggle as they wrestle in the couch until Tilly’s hands land on Mary’s pert breasts. Smiling, Tilly pulls down Mary’s top and softly kisses her nipples while Mary squeezes Tilly’s firm bum.
Slowly undressing each other, the girls kiss passionately until they lay completely naked in front of each other. Turning around, Tilly pushes her bum up on all fours, closing her eyes as she feels Mary’s moist tongue on her vulva. Raising her legs up in the air, Mary brings Tilly in between her legs, letting her finger and lick her with devotion as she gets closer and closer to orgasm.

Big Breasts

Down on all fours, Charlee exercises her mobility routine, extending her leg back before placing it again on the floor, while her round ass moves from side to side and her big breasts wiggle as she bends her torso.
Rolling over her exercise ball, Charlee smiles as she presses her breasts against it before moving her hands towards her vulva and begin to finger herself intensely until she can no longer hold a powerful orgasm.

Lesbian Facesitting

Sitting facing each other, Manon and Zina slowly undress, caressing each other’s breasts and soft nipples with the tip of her fingers. Opening her legs wide apart Manon guides Zina towards her full bush, letting her lick her pussy devotedly.
Turning around, Manon sits on Zina’s tummy leaning forward, while Zina’s hand reach from behind and finger her tight anus. Standing up, Zina uses her foot to stimulate Manon’s clit, making her moan and squirm in pleasure.


Laying back on the couch, Sofia presses her feet against her exercise ball and raises it up in the air. Sitting down on the floor, she begins to undress, first taking off her top and uncovering her pert breasts and soft nipples, then taking off her knickers revealing her full bush.
Completely naked, Sofia uses a hairbrush to comb her long, blond pubic hairs. Taking off her glasses, she slowly moves brings them towards her vulva, using them to spread her labia apart and caress herself. Changing into a colorful summer dress, Sofia moves around playfully, letting the dress fly showing she’s not wearing any underwear.

Finger Insertions

New model Khristine’s cheery, bubbly personality sparkles in her very first shoot for abbywinters.com – she’s travelling around and thinks Australia is one of the nicest places on earth! Well we think she’s pretty nice, and when you let out that breath you were holding as she unclipped her bra – you will too!

Candle Stick Insertion

Laying her yoga mat on the floor, Danna bends her torso forward and grabs her ankles, displaying her extreme flexibility and emphasizing her round bum. When she’s done with her stretching routine, Danna begins to undress, showing her slender body.
Moving to the couch, Danna rips apart her fishnet stockings, uncovering her full bush, and begins to masturbate, rubbing her fingers against her wet vulva and caressing her clitoris. Grabbing her favourite dildo, Danna moves to a chair and sits on it, moving her hips up and all the way down, getting the dildo deep inside her while she moans in pleasure.

Anal Play

Slowly approaching Dasha, Galina presses her bid breasts against Dasha’s. Moving behind her, she kisses her neck and slides her hands up her top, caressing her breasts as they passionately begin to undress each other.
Sitting on the couch, Galina smiles as Dasha pulls down her panties, admiring her vulva before she begins to caress it, fingering her slowly. Turning around, Dasha closes her eyes as she bend in all fours, pushing her bum out, letting Galina lick her from behind as she squirms in pleasure.