Tan Lines

Sitting down on her yoga mat, Francisca spreads her legs wide apart doing the split, displaying her extreme flexibility before she begins to sensually undress. Standing on her tiptoes, Francisca slowly pulls down her tight shorts, revealing the lower part of her bikini.
Grabbing her favourite dildo, Francisca pushes it inside her already wet pussy, leaving it in as she raises her leg up in the air. Turning on all fours, Francisca smiles as she reaches back towards her bum, and without hesitation pushes her finger insider her tight anus, moaning in pleasure as she feels it go inside her.

Lesbian Fingering

Sitting in the living room floor, Laney and Sarah gently caress each other while we catch a glimpse of her panties up her loose summer dress and tight mini skirt respectively. Delicately kissing Laney’s neck, Sarah moves her hands and squeezes her pert breasts before they begin to passionately undress each other.
Positioning her slender body on top of Sarah, Laney closes her eyes end exhales deeply as she feels Sarah’s wet tongue move around her vulva. Moving to the couch Sarah stands in front of Laney facing away from her, and bends slightly forward letting Laney finger her from behind as she gets closer to a powerful climax.

Lesbian Finger Fun

Pulling Lucia’s bra aside, Mary bends over and gently kisses her soft nipples. Taking off her top as she looks closely into Lucia’s eyes, Mary helps Lucia undress, taking off her leggings and letting her full bush in the open.
Mary lays on her back with her eyes closed and her legs wide open. Lucia slowly moves down her body, stopping at her hairy vulva as she begins to passionately finger Lucia. Continuing to pleasure each other, Lucia turns on all fours and squeezes her breasts while Mary fingers her from behind and bites softly her bum cheeks.


The beautiful Dutch Analyn shows off her fun personality and stunning Asian looks in this, her second solo. Innocently flirting with her cute smile and dark piercing eyes she stares at you from across the room.
Moving around she slowly undresses to reveal her great, slim body, small pert breasts and natural full bush. Analyn has been is so many great shoots so far, and this is definitely another for you to enjoy!

Anna & Danielle

Legs entwined on the bed, Anna and Danielle playfully and flirtatiously giggle with each other, but it only takes a few sneaky up skirt peeks before the girls pounce on one another in an explosive release of sexual tension. Passionate kissing and groping have the girls transfixed on ripping away their clothes and getting to the smooth skin and slim toned body that lay beneath.
Danielle, the more open and experienced of the two soon breaks what shyness Anna has left and as she pulls off Anna’s dress she exposes her amazing, pert round, large breasts. Something both you and her will have been craving to see at that point!
This shoot is a seriously intense sexual exploration of these two stunning brunettes and its difficult to think it could get any better, but trust me it does, with the impromptu inclusion of another amazing abbywinters.com girl. I don’t want to spoil it so you’ll have to just dive in and find out for yourself!

Anna & Danielle

Sienna G & Tilly B

Slowly placing her hand on Tilly’s shoulder, Anna delicately slides it down her arm, bringing down her top with it and uncovering Tilly’s pert breasts. Getting closer to Sienna, Tilly kisses her gently while hands move toward her pubic region, caressing her vulva through her panties.
Turning around, Sienna lays on all fours and closes her eyes while Tilly pulls down her panties. Grabbing Sienna’s bum cheeks and spreading them apart, she fingers her from behind, inserting a couple of fingers as deep as they go.


The beautiful Dutch treats us to a stunning display of her slim, taught body, large pert breasts and smooth skin as she plays with herself using oil and her new dildo.
Moving around the room and slowly revealing her body Aletta will have you infatuated and fixed on every pass of her hand as she slides down her body towards her smooth shaved pussy.


Walking down the warm summer sun, Danya smiles as she walks through the woods getting ready to spend a nice day camping in nature. Once she lays down her tent, she begins to undress, taking her top and tight shorts off, she lets her pale skin and hairy bush under the sun.
Laying a towel on the floor, she lays on her back and opens her legs as apart as they can go while her hands slowly move down her body, stopping in her pert breasts before continuing towards her vulva, using her fingers to spreads her meaty lips apart.

Meaty Lips

Starting off on the set of Chloe B and Lailie’s shoot, things get pretty intense between the three girls, heated flurries of passionate kissing and groping come to Anna from all sides and you can see her getting more and more aroused by the sexual bombardment. When it comes to her leaving she reluctantly goes into the room next to the girls, and as she can still hear them next door needs to get rid of all that sexual desire that is built up inside of her.
Quickly jumping onto the bed and with the sounds of Chloe and Lailie coming through the door, she tears her clothes off and lets her hands wander and sensually move around her slim, tanned body as if still guided by one of the girls from two minutes before. Already exposing her amazing, large pert breasts Anna passionately slips her hands down her knickers and inserts a few fingers in to her wet pussy, i wonder what she’s thinking about!?