Jemma M

Jemma lays her naked body across the kitchen bench – Yummy!
After peeling off her tight little hot pants and slowly unbuttoning her nicely fitted shirt she moves around, swinging her hips with a cheeky smile and a daring look thrown over her shoulder. Don’t miss this tasty little Aussie cupcake!

Lesbian Sex

Alone with their desires, Aneta & Iveta pounce on each other, hands down blouses and pants whipped off quickly… Passionate kisses and intense breast squeezing give way to face sitting, tribbing – their soaking pussies rubbing against each other – and lots of lush oral sex… Juicy!


The only thing better than one pussy is two right? New model Roxy had some company for her very first shoot, her little pal was just as cheeky and playful as Roxy herself! Some lounging around in the backyard and a slow, sensual reveal of beautiful bare skin are all in a day’s work for this vivacious, lively young Aussie!

Foot in Pussy

Sitting close behind Paola as she practices on the piano, Lucia presses her breasts against Paola’s back and gently kisses her neck. Turning around Paola look back at her intensely as she gets closer to kiss her softly. Sitting behind Lucia, Paola slowly raises her skirt, exposing her full bush.
Kissing Lucia’s inner thigh, Paola moves towards her vulva. Using the tip of her fingers, she uncovers her clitoris and delicately caresses it with the tip of her tongue. Turning around, Paola lays on all fours and moans in pleasure while Paola fingers her from behind getting her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

Tight Denim Shorts

With one leg up on the kitchen work top Amber slides her hands into her hairy crotch, spreading her vagina apart. A little drop of her natural wetness escapes onto the side of her pink labia making it shine.
Amber heats the wax in the palms of her hand, smoothing it on to her bare leg and lifting! With silky smooth legs she unbuttons her tight shorts, wiggling her bottom as she slides them down. Her pubic hair pokes out of the top of her newly exposed underwear as she reaches for her baking apron, turning around to flash her round buttocks. Naked Amber shows off her flexible side, bending her legs so that her feet are by her head as she lays on the floor. Her fingers part her pubic hair and insert into her moist labia before dropping down to stimulate her pink anus.


Oh my – Angie & Indiana have two of the nicest pairs of breasts around. What a great match this is! The girls are playing a friendly game of pool, and Angie really licked Indiana. Come to think of it, they both really licked each other! They crawled around on the soft felt of the table kissing and eating each other out. There’s even some anal play to be found here.
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Melissa T

New model Melissa is a happy go lucky, all Australian blonde. Her gorgeous lean figure is lightly dappled with freckles, her skin is silky smooth and her pink bits are barely visible beneath a delicious layer of thick, blonde pubic hair.
Crawling around her couch in a tight denim skirt, enjoy the show as she exposes her most sexual side.