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Giselle & Sue-Ann

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Age:      21
Height: 170,178

These girls are so darn hot together! Their orgasms are so intense and sexy, and I love the way they talk naughty to each other. The dialogue before Sue Ann goes down on Giselle is priceless (culminating in Giselle’s “get your face in there!”) and tingles went up my spine (not just from sexual excitement) when Giselle is cumming and Sue Ann all but shouts “God you are so fucking hot!” at her. These two horny little sex goddesses were so turned on by each other, it was electifying. I understand it was Sue Ann’s first time, and she did an incredible job, but I was a little disappointed for Giselle that she didn’t get to give oral — she obviously wanted to lick Sue Ann’s pussy so badly. But they both got amazing amounts of pleasure and looked so stunningly gorgeous that this was an incredible shoot!

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Step Aerobics Girls

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Age:      18

What a shame we don’t live in a parallel universe where this happens in everyday life. Nice, varied video shooting, fantastic lighting. It would have been good to see more of the models, they kept their kit on for so long, I mean what’s the point in seeing these beautiful girls with their clothes concealing their lovely bodies for half an hour and naked for 5 minutes – what a waste of what could have been GREAT! Publish an extended cut please! Most of the girls were not too skinny which was super too
On the whole this is what the internet needs more of! Group nudity. This was almost as good as Yoga Girls. Yoga girls felt more intimate, very erotic indeed! The music made this effectively a silent film but that’s forgivable definitely
But bravo, more! encore

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Jelly Wrestling Girls

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Age:      18
City:     Melbourne

This is such a cool place. Been a subscriber for less than a day and I just love the fun I see you women having. So, so refreshing!
Okay, so what IS the stuff being used. You say “jelly” but what kind? Wonder where a person would be able to get a quantity of the stuff. The swimming pool with slippery stuff and one or two fun-loving couples is a personal fantasy, and you’ve just made me more determined to fulfill it. Thank You!

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Friday, July 17th, 2009

Carey, Jody and Krystin are coming back from a shopping tour. As usual they want to try on their new underwear right now. Of course, before trying on new stuff, they have to take off what they are wearing.

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Raft Building Girls

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Age:      20
Height: 150-170
City:     Melbourne

“THIS SHOOT WAS SO COOL. It was a huge fun filled day and we all learn’t how to make a raft….twice. The girls were all great and the photographers were able to get some really terrific shots of us all. I especially loved the fact that I could wear my new beautiful blue bikini. The day was sunny most of the time but as the shot above shows the photographers did a great job at enhancing the light. I think it especially showed a glow on Marcelle. Everyone looked great. ”
XXX Laura_t

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Limo Girls

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Age:      19
Height:     166
City:     Melbourne

Five girls ride around in a limo, have fun, and get naked.

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Chloe B & Phoenix

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Age:      22
Height:     155,170
City:     Melbourne

Wow, the orgasms in this one could generate enough energy to light several city blocks! Two things are crystal clear: Chloe and Phoenix are absolute pussy-eating experts, and they love to do it. When they cum, they both move around so much their partner has to move to catch up and finish the job. Phoenix looks great in the throes of orgasm, but Chloe just reaches extraordinary heights of pleasure when it’s her turn. We’ve seen her with so many different girls, giving them all the most passionate and dedicated oral sex ever captured on film, but I’ve never seen her so thrillingly orgasmic. It’s like a lifetime achievement award for all her incredible work, and she utterly deserves it. “Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry!” Phoenix says. “No!” Chloe almost shouts at her, panting to catch her breath. “That was great!” The amount of pleasure she has brought into the world, sharing her wonderful body, masturbating, and showing so many girls the time of their life, should qualify her for some kind of Porn Nobel Prize. Let me be the first to nominate her.

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Waterside Girls

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Age:      19
Height:     170-180
City:     Melbourne

What powerful classical imagery! This scene could have been so easily imagined by some ancient Greek artist — three water nymphs at play.
Our beautiful naiads had better watch out for satyrs. . . I’d certainly be apt to chase them

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

No words can describe this set, Anneke is one super sexy girl, and is perfectly matched with Darcy, equally as sexy and equally eager to have a steamy sex session



Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Ginny and Michelle are opposites in many ways. The tall, buxom Ginny is quiet and often seems distracted, but has a completely intoxicating vulpine slinkiness about her. Effervescent Michelle on the other hand is giggly and living every moment to the fullest. Yet they both have the same unpretentious demeanour and absolutely untainted healthy glow which makes them an inspiring duo in this series.
For both girls it was a new experience and there was a lot of nervous behind-the-bike-shed fumbling at first, but some long, deep kissing settled them into a passionate rhythm as they filled the room with the delicate aroma of bodyspray and girlsweat on this hot afternoon.
This is pristine youth and beauty at it’s best.


Uma & Sandra

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Age: 18
Height: 168, 160
City: Melbourne

Uma and Sandra – 18 year old best friends from the outback – are oh so cute and unselfconscious. Watch as Sandra trims Uma’s pubes! Check both Uma and Sandra out in their separate shoots.

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Pals play strip poker

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Lizzie & Felicity

Age: 23
Height: 170, 167
City: Rural NSW

Lizzie and Felicity – very good friends – wanted to play some cards. So we found them a nice sunny spot, some provocative cards, and well, it has to be a game of strip cards, right? What else?

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