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Hairy Anus

Monday, July 18th, 2016

During a quiet outdoor summer evening, Kyra slowly unzips her top, revealing the big breasts inside her bra. Slowly undressing, with the outdoor sunlight falling on her pale skin, Kyna pulls down her panties uncovering her full bush.
Laying completely naked on the floor, Kyra stretches her labia apart, revealing her clitoris and already dripping wet vagina. As she turns around and continues to play with her vulva, Kyna uses her other hand to spread her bum cheeks apart providing a good look at her pink anus.


Meaty Lips Outdoors

Monday, May 9th, 2016

As she walks out to her rooftop terrace, the wind blows Carolina’s dress up showing her sexy lace panties. Beginning to unzip her dress, she pulls her breasts out of her white bra, showing her tan lines while she firmly squeezes them together.
Slowly taking off her stained panties, she shows her meaty lips and perfectly shaved vulva. Spreading her legs wide apart, Carolina grabs her meaty lips and pulls them wide apart providing a perfect view of her clitoris and vagina as she seductively looks at the camera.


Lesbian Sex Outside

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

The gorgeous Dutch, tall Nichole and the petite and very cute Aussie, Alva meet up outside for some stunning outdoor sex!
Undressing each other to reveal amazing, large, pert breasts and full bushes of pubes the two girls get feisty with each other: licking grabbing, fingering and even a bit of biting! It was a very hot day with some very hot action!



Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Hauntingly beautiful, Natasha’s first time nude in front of a camera will take your breath away. She’s tall, blonde and in possession of a vulnerable sexuality that’ll melt you. Her firm young body is slim and lithe, her tattoos extensive and her completely shaved pussy the cream on the cake…Enjoy!


Brush Handle Insertion

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Ashley enjoys a quiet walk outdoors, though the woods. As she starts unbuttoning her blouse, we see her large boobs and her pink nipples. She lies down on a picnic blanket as she slides her hand down her panties and starts masturbating.
She undresses completely, leaving her pale skin and light tan lines under the warm outdoor light. Excited, she grabs her thick hairbrush and rubs it against her already wet vulva before sliding it into herself as she takes a full gasp of air.


Perky Nipples Outdoors

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Pale skinned Alexandra enjoys a sunny outdoor day. Through her short summer dress, we are able to see her round boobs and pert nipples. As she swings her legs up on a branch tree, she shows us her panties and her bum.
Through the edge of her panties we see some of her pubic hair, just a small taste of what it to come. Totally nude, Alexandra poses in numerous positions displaying her flexible body as she spreads her bum cheeks providing a good look at her anus and vulva.



Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Stretching out her petite body across the forest floor, Lulu explores herself and teases herself as she undresses.
Pulling her pretty summer dress together, she reveals her breasts and pert, pink nipples. Letting her fingers run over the lips of her labia, Lulu grabs them and pulls them wide to expose her pink wetness inside. Undressing, she lies on her front and again lets her fingers roam around her body in search of more pleasure. Teasing herself once more, she plays with her anus before she pushes a finger inside!

sunglasses in pussy


Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Leaning back against the forest tree, Nora grips her breast as she lets her other hand slip between her thick pubic hair.
Hidden from view among the lush greens of the woods, Nora explores her own slender body. Undressing, she stands naked and slowly starts to push one of her fingers into her wetness. Looking through her glasses, she gives a cheeky grin as she revels in the risk of being naked outside!
How wonderful Nora is. When I saw her photo I just had to rejoin AW. I’m happy I did! She is so exciting. Nora is beautiful inside and out. I hope to see again.


Maria W

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Feeling the warm sand on her naked body, Maria lays on the beach under the hot Australian sun, her browning body still showing the white tan lines of the last time she was there.
Moving from the house to the lush greens of the Australian flora, Maria then takes us down to the waters of the beach as we spend the whole day with her. Exposing her stunning slender body, perky breasts, pert round bum and full bush we’re treated to every inch in beautiful locations.
Maria is also fantastic. Her whole body, her pretty face, her boobs, her pussylips and her six-week growing pubic hair specially.
I loved this shoot. A great natural girl with no tattoos to worry about. I loved the video from the beach with other people around and getting naked outside. I watched the video first and was glad it was so long, but got worried near the end that there were no anus close ups, but Maria came through and pulled her legs up. Then I looked at the photo set and there are tons of nice pictures of her wetness and her anus. Great job on a great shoot!! Hope to see Maria back soon for more fun.


Beautiful Nude Models

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Eight beautiful models photographed on the beach


Zara M

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Teasing open the buttons of her yellow shirt, Zara flashes her bra down blouse, the flesh of her pale breasts peeping over the cups. Wiggling free of her bra she presses the thin fabric of her shirt over her bare breasts, her dark nipples showing through the cloth.
Walking outside in the park, Zara rests on a bridge, her tight jean shorts hugging the shape of her perfect ass. Opening her legs, her red knickers are just visible up the leg of her shorts as she opens her shirt revealing her naked breasts for the first time. Sliding her shorts over the curve of her buttocks, Zara turns her attention to her knickers, hooking her finger inside the warm fabric and sliding it to the side revealing her meaty lips.
Zara M is a very special girl. She is inhibited and shy a little, not used to present herself in front of the video camera. I like that kind of caracter with a girl. – Zara M is lovely! (and she has precious protruding lips!)



Monday, September 21st, 2015

Excellent! Love those thick thighs. Really pretty, too.

Abby Winters