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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Age: 24

First girl I ever kissed – on camera anyway! Kaitlin has the most delicious legs, thighs, arse cheeks, a firm slim little waist and perfect curves. Her solo shoot today is typical of this lively, classy young lady and as she invites you to spend some time alone with her you’ll enjoy much more than a peek up her skirt…

Charlotte & DeeDee

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Charlotte E
Age: 21

Dee Dee
Age: 27

An enchanting, captivating imageset, a splendid confluence of beauty and colour in the ‘naughty’ corner. Charlotte and Dee Dee standing, kneeling, lying, entwined in a tableau of contrast, the tanned Charlotte against (scrumptiously so) the fair Dee Dee as they, in their desire to get to know each other unveil a cornucopia of visual delights. A kiss goes on and…, hands wander, kneeling become lying, clothes are in disarray then shed , wandering becomes caressing, fondling, probing and not just with hands. Charli succeeds admirably in bringing all this to us in a very fine imageset that is a delicious melange of shots from all angles and distances, united in their exposition of artistry and quality.


Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Age: 25

A delightful debut set from Ela. Max eloquently captures her beauteousness, cheeky smile and sparkling blue eyes as she seductively undresses whilst lying, sitting and kneeling on on the bed. All the while Ela is bathed in an effulgent glow from the window,that has an almost ethereal translucent quality to it and that provides for delightful play of light and shadow upon Ela’s lovely form.

Evette & Jaclyn

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Age: 23
Age: 21

Evette makes the tea and this happy infusion works wonders as the girls indulge in mutually pleasurable massages, Jaclyn saying that the “brain switches off”, however, as the video marvellously demonstrates, the brain may switch off but the body clearly switches on. As Jaclyn massages Evette’s calves, then thighs, they lean together and tender gentle beginning becomes altogether something raunchier, with a splendid breathiness, passionate fervent kisses are exchanged. No! Rained upon each other. Clothes are thrust aside, flesh is exposed, “Fuck you have amazing tits” Evette huskily says as mouths fasten onto breasts, then mouths move down; down to pussy-town (thank you Navah {or maybe that should be mossy-cleft}) fingers probe, tongues flick; “You taste really nice”. Arousal simmers, bubbles, boils as the girls writhe in steamy sunlit embrace upon the couch, until at last sated they lie, remembering the tea, they sip then exchange tender kisses. A splendidly humorous ‘after’ follows wherein Evette memorably comments “Jesus man you’re one of those people who comes from like a strong breeze blowing between yours legs”.


Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Age: 28

A gorgeous jocose frolicsome yet deliciously sexy video as Katia takes us on a tour of her backyard, showing us her plants, introducing us to her camera shy, in contrast happily for us to Katia, fish. All the while amidst the sundappled carnival of colour that is her backyard she is serenaded by cheerful birdsong, a perfect complement to the merry ambiance.Not to forget, of course, those scenes where she bends, stretches and finally relaxes.


Friday, December 3rd, 2010

I see beautiful and natural Gretchen and I’m relieved! She has a wonderful natural smile and is looking so nice into the camera. She has no tattoos and she is not shaved. No better start than a beauty with glasses. She is natural. She really seems to have fun doing the shoot and I can’t wait for the video hearing her speak and her accent. A really wonderful start with this lovely German! There is the discussion about boy and girls shots coming to AbbyWinters. I don’t know what to think about this, but when I see you, Gretchen, I’m not concerned anymore.
I know some members have had some lingering nerves and reservations as to what this move to Amsterdam might do to the caliber of natural young women we have here on the site…but oh my word…do we have a treat for you. Exploding on to the screen today is our very first, very sensuous and VERY provocative solo shoot by our darling newbie Gretchen.
The German folk had a good day when this exquisite being was created. When Gretchen mentioned she had a lover abroad who she missed terribly, we jumped on the opportunity to connect the lovers in a sexual experimentation. A saucy hand written letter describing every detail of her shyly spoken sexual desires. But this blonde shy flower does not stay closed for very long. Her budding sexuality evolves fervidly before your wide eyes, until the freedom of her delicious exploration is almost too much to bare.
Peering daringly over dainty glasses, a book worm this lady is not. The appetite in which her fluffy laced lips devours her sleek glass dildo, will demand your attention and send you into a deep fluster.


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Age: 20

With cutoff jeans and a red bra visible through her white singlet, Leiko looks good enough to eat!
Stripping off her clothes under the shade of a tree, Leiko shows off every sexy curve for your viewing pleasure – including her cute tuft of public hair and firm, hardened nipples.
A beautiful debut imageset Leiko with her enrapturing blue eyes in a sun-dappled sylvan glade. The combination of sunlight and foliage painting delightful patterns of light and shadow upon Leiko’s lovely form as she undresses.


Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Age: 20

Alas beautiful Satine debuts. She with the bright blue peepers, brilliant smile, flawless complexion, perfect curves, lush blond bush, and a pretty pink butterfly pussy between her sexy legs!
In her handwritten bio, Satine says she likes looking at herself after a shoot, it makes her feel naughty. I feel the same way after looking Satine’s shoot.


Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

A gorgeous imageset that serves as a beautiful introduction to a beautiful model. The whites of the bathroom act as a foil that accentuates the lovely lightly tanned skin tones of Nell as they are washed by the soft light that she comments upon in her HWB. Admirably photographed, this series of splendid compositions is a delight to view, for which my thanks are due to Nell and the crew.


Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Age: 19

Hayley says she loves her bed and especially loves it when its sheets are rumpled.
She looks pretty damn fine in those rumpled sheets too might I say!
Take a peek and see for yourself…


Monday, September 6th, 2010

Age: 19

Chahna’s been posting up a storm of the forums lately, she’s smart, funny, super approachable and loves meeting new people! So head over to her thread  today and chat to her about a delicious new intimate moment video featuring a stunning brunette with large almond eyes and large, natural breasts…Tasty!

Meagan K

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Age: 18

Looking rather sporty today with her tight white tank top and high cut shorts (her undies peeking through), new model Meagan has a coy smile that’ll melt your heart and put on the edge of your seat at the same time!
Pale creamy skin and round light pink areola encircle her dainty little nipples…Whipped to perfection!
Meagan K is a fine Aussie girl-next-door model with some Aussie girl-next-door interests – shopping, clubbing and netball playing  (not that there’s anything wrong with any of that at all … ) Delightful smile, lovely fair skin, small perky breasts, nice slim body (those hips) and pleased to see a natural bush.