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Finger Insertions

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Laura lies back on the bed, stroking the thick hair of her full bush as she effortlessly seduces you with her deep brown eyes.
On the bed and reading her book, Laura starts to feel herself getting more and more horny. With the sun streaming into the bedroom, she rolls over on the covers and starts to let her hands slip over her feminine curves. Undressing by the window, her urges grow with the tips of her fingers touching her wet open vulva, she presses inside herself and starts to raise herself to an intimate climax!


Masturbating Outdoors

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Moving through the vivd greens of the outdoors, Flora stops to explore her natural and slender body as she finds herself alone and horny.
Looking for a place to stop, she opens up the back of an old abandoned van and climbs inside, away from prying eyes. Gripping her pert breasts tightly, she lets her hands wander over her body, past her slim waits and between her soft pubic hair. Touching the side of her labia, she spreads her vulva and starts to push her fingers deeper inside her wetness!


Hairy Redhead Babe Vicki J

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Redhead Vicki lays naked on her bed, illuminated only by the soft light from her window and a bedside lamp.
Exposing her soft, pale skin and pert breasts, Vicki runs her fingers over her body, staring suggestively as she feels her contours and curves. Brushing through her red pubic hair she pushes her fingers deep inside her wetness, her body tensing as she pleasures herself. Vicki stops to surprise us twice!


Antonella F

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Antonella’s large breasts stretch her tight top as she hangs, suspended in the air, wrapping her strong body and legs around her rope as her tights ride up and press against her wet pussy.
Her warm smile and beautiful inviting nature make Anotnella a very wholesome and friendly girl. She also possesses a wonderful natural body, with hairy armpits, hairy bush, large breasts and areola, smooth pale skin and beautiful big eyes.



Tanlines on Breasts

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Christina flicks her long thick hair over her should as she looks back past her feminine hips and pert round bum!
Undressing between the windows, she lies on the bed, slowly revealing sections of herself as she removes her floaty blue dress. Smiling, she looks through her thick rimmed glasses as her hand grips onto her large breasts. Pulling down the straps of her top, the shape of her breasts are revealed and the top of her soft dark nipples tease into view. Opening her legs wide, she shows off her thick bush and pink vulva as she moves invitingly around the bed.


Hairy anus

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Laura shows off her stunning natural body as she moves through the outdoors of the farm. Leaning up against the side of the barn, she slowly pulls up her white lace top to reveal her pert breasts and firm nipples.
Lifting up her arms, she exposes her underarm hair and soft smooth skin as she continues to undress her tanned figure. Sitting down, she opens her legs and runs her fingers through her dark full bush and soft inner thighs. With her self-made crown of flowers, Laura effortlessly seduces you!



Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Today’s new model is Italian spunkette Lilou. With pale walls, carpet and a old brown couch in the background, her presence injects some much-needed vibrancy into the visual atmosphere. Take note of how flexible she is, and have a guess what she might be capable of …


Kenji & Noa

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

The orgasms were exquisite, with Kenji cumming first under Noa’s skilled fingers. They then kiss and cuddle in the afterglow before Kenji locks eyes with Noa with a look that says “your turn, sweetheart.” Soon Noa’s panties are off and Kenji is lovingly licking and rubbing her pussy, with Noa reclining in the hammock in bliss. She fights to keep her orgasm quiet from all the people passing below, but soon throws caution to the wind, as she realizes there’s no reason to hold back when she being pleasured so wonderfully, and cums with a flushed, shuddering moan.
The girls then indulge in some lovely tribbing and 69 before Noa’s epic standing balcony orgasm, and a blur of pure pleasure envelopes the girls. It’s joyful to see such beautiful women enjoying each other so thoroughly, so thanks to Noa, Kenji and crew. It seems like Kenji has been busy getting to know Yara and Nora, so hopefully we’ll all get to see her meet a lot of of other beauties before she finally buys her return ticket back to Australia…
Gripping Noa’s petite body, Kenji pulls her in closer for a long awaited and passionate kiss.
Teasing out every moment they indulge in each other’s body, Noa’s milky white skin contrasting Kenji’s Australian tan. Not being able to keep their hands off each other, they lift off each other’s dresses and expose their breasts and full bushes as they grind against each other. Standing against the balcony, they risk being caught by onlookers but it looks like the risk of being caught only makes the sex more intense!
What more can be said about Noa that hasn’t been said before? She is simply one of the most astonishingly beautiful, sensual, wonderful women ever, and we love her so, so much. In her first AW girl-girl, gorgeous Kenji is a revelation. With her flawless body and passionate lovemaking, she seems to have born for AW. The particular charms of Australian women are why so many of us fell in love with AW, so it’s always a thrill to have an Aussie visit Amsterdam. Kenji is a perfect match for Noa: not only do they look similar with their sweet smiles, magnificent full breasts and lush pubic hair, they both seem perfectly in tune with each other’s needs and desires.

Abby Winters


Friday, August 7th, 2015

Zina runs her hands up her petite body as she explores her soft skin and pert breasts.
Lying back on the bed, she feels the inside of her thigh, her fingers starting to touch her long pubic hair as she starts to undress. Spreading her legs wide, she shows off her open, wet vulva. Moving to her front, she pushes up her round bum. Showing off her beautiful feminine curves, she looks back suggestively and smiles.


Natural Bush

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Walking through the trees and lush green outdoors, Billie teases as she undresses her slim and natural, feminine body.
Slipping off her clothing she exposes her small breasts and pale pink nipples – her fingers sliding over them as she turns herself on. Almost naked, she slowly reveals the soft dark hair of her full bush, before opening up her legs and giving a peek of her pink vulva.


Facesitting outdoors

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Aussie Ophelia watches and flirts with Dutch Nichole as they draw closer to each other. In the lush green outdoors, Ophelia cannot keep her eyes away from Nichole’s pert and large breasts as they press against her.
Leaning in for a first kiss, Ophelia runs her hands up Nichole’s back, her fingers urging to undo her bra and expose her breasts for Ophelia to enjoy. Undressing each other, they lie in the shade and start to indulge in their bodies. Ophelia cannot get enough of her partner’s vivid red pubic hair as she wraps her mouth around her open vulva and presses her tongue into Nichole’s wetness. Holding each other close, they raise themselves to a stunning and passionate outdoor orgasm!



Friday, July 17th, 2015

Kirsa undresses her petite body as she lies on her yoga mat, arches her back, and stretches out her legs.
Gazing through her thick rimmed glasses, Kirsa holds eye contact as she slips off her white cotton bra and panties. Flicking her naturally red hair to the side, Kirsa removes the rest of her clothing as she continues her yoga poses completely naked!