Age: 20

With cutoff jeans and a red bra visible through her white singlet, Leiko looks good enough to eat!
Stripping off her clothes under the shade of a tree, Leiko shows off every sexy curve for your viewing pleasure – including her cute tuft of public hair and firm, hardened nipples.
A beautiful debut imageset Leiko with her enrapturing blue eyes in a sun-dappled sylvan glade. The combination of sunlight and foliage painting delightful patterns of light and shadow upon Leiko’s lovely form as she undresses.


Age: 20

Alas beautiful Satine debuts. She with the bright blue peepers, brilliant smile, flawless complexion, perfect curves, lush blond bush, and a pretty pink butterfly pussy between her sexy legs!
In her handwritten bio, Satine says she likes looking at herself after a shoot, it makes her feel naughty. I feel the same way after looking Satine’s shoot.

Kylie V

An incredibly fit body lays waiting for discovery underneath Kylie’s clothes…Her quick smile and sparkling sea-green eyes are not her only assets though because as she shyly lifts up her skirt the full, soft-skinned crescent moons of her arse cheeks are revealed in all their squeezable, deliciously lickable, splendor!


Age: 20
Height: 158

Janina has captivating eyes and that knowing smile – it’s a beautiful face. Blonde hair works for me but I didn’t mind the previous brunette either. Great slim body, hard to fault really. I like the way she looks towards the camera for the explicit scenes (or at least has her face in shot.)

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Age:      24
Height:     162
City:     Sydney

In the wild jungles of the Scout Camp treks the intrepid explorer Liana, clad only in her boots. Watch out for those leeches on all your exposed bits, Liana! Oh, I see all your bits are exposed – well then, that’s gonna hurt!

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Hiking Girls

Age: 19
Height: 165-178
City: Melbourne

This is a really beautiful shoot, four beautiful girls,beautifully shot, in beautiful surroundings, outstanding. My thanks to AW team for what must have been a feat of planning and organisation to produce the wonderful photoshoot which we see.There are two sequences of four pictures which show each girl against the same backdrop, the second one at the end of shoot with the girls topless, an excellent notion.

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Age:      18
Height:     157
City:     Melbourne

Bryony tells us she’s always wanted to have a go at nude modelling; she’s clearly a natural and loves every moment of this shoot.

Does that spider bit,if your tangled in it’s lair?
Or does it run and hide, in that tiny space of hair?
A blued eyed blond with all the extras, and a butterfly above her butt
Would she do an IM for us,to move us out this rut?
She looks damn good just standing there ,but can she do the deed
Or must just wait a while and see,or should we beg and plead