Hayley T

Age: 18

Hayley’s dark little nipples sit perfectly centre on her full, pert, ski-jump breasts. But you won’t find that out until she unhooks and unzips her pretty red dress and chooses to reveal everything to you..yummy! Hayley is drop dead gorgeous, long legs, a great arse, great smile – even dimples! She’s perfect!
Hayley T is just beautiful! She’s got the prettiest and very cute face and her body is to die for!

Yellow dress


Age:      24
Height:     173
City:     Sydney

Francis is a legend. She’s one of those girls you know was real naughty when she was little. Now she’s a big girl, but she’s still got that ratbag twinkle in her eye. That can only spell trouble. We liked her lots because she was down to earth, straight up and friendly, but she has a real fire spark and a groovy sense of style that is truly her own. Gotta love a woman like that!

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Age:      19
Height:     175
City:     Sydney

She may look sweet, but our Jessie’s pretty rough’n’tumble . We found her on the street in one of Sydney’s more alternative suburbs, after a mad night out with a bunch of her girl friends.
Trivia may not sound too mad to you, but when the prize is a box of beers and a bottle of vodka, just stand back and watch this girl go. Of course she won, and we’re not too devastated about it either, because it’s the circumstances that followed that helped us to find her. And aren’t you pleased we did?

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Oh my God, this is sooooooo sexy!

Cleo & Larissa M

Age: 19
Height: 171,169
City: Melbourne

The stills are fantastic!
Two of my all-time favorite abby girls, brought together beautifully.
The sequence where Cleo hands Larissa her panties is very sweet and erotic. Ice has been used so much in erotica it is almost a cliche. What Jacki and the girls do with the ice cubes and light in this imageset is phenomenal!

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