Angie & Fae

Enjoy the contrast of breasts – from Angie’s extra-large with pink nipples, to Fae’s medium sized ones with the sexy dark nipples. I like image number 55 where Angie’s slipping her hand down into Fae’s pants – hot, hot! Angie & Fae take turns licking each other and sticking their fingers in the other’s bum hole. They like that a lot!

Annette & Greta

Goodness, that was beautiful. So many memorable little moments, starting with Greta untying Annette’s super-cute string panties (even if she did have trouble). It was very sexy to see them untied and her pussy completely exposed while Greta played, but the panties not quite removed — couldn’t say why, but I loved it.
Greta is so gorgeous, and you can see what a tender lover she is the first time she gives Annette oral, looking up with those lovely eyes as Annette responds sweetly to her sexy flicks of the tongue. Great close-ups that highlight the loveliness of Greta’s face framed by Annette’s pretty pussy and thighs. Annette’s first orgasm is very nice, especially the interesting “missionary” fingering position that allows Greta look into her partner’s eyes and kiss her flushed face as she cums. Very cute. Her second, more intense orgasm is breathtaking, with the clenched hands grasping the sheets and her entire lovely, curvy, soft body flexing as the pleasure overtakes her. Just stunning, and one for the AW orgasm highlight reel.
Beautiful work girls. It would make me glad just to know that two such sexy girls had made love and given each other pleasure, but to see it in loving color elicits my eternal gratitude. The world is a prettier, happier place with this video in it: thank you so much for making it.

Natalie M

I was going to write that Natalie M is the ideal “Aussie girl-next-door model” but realised I was kidding myself. I’ve never lived anywhere near some one as cute as Natalie M. I love her fair skin, freckles and full bush. And what a body! With a flat as a board stomach like that she must be a real sporty gal.

Larissa M

Age: 21
Height: 171
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :
Hi there ! My name is Larissa M. and I am a student. I am really excited to be posing for Abby Winters and having some fun. Hope you enjoy it too ! Love always.
After the Shoot :
Hey guys ! I had a great time shooting this set, it was so much fun playing with myself and talking about my experiences. It felt so great to really let go and relax to get right into it. I hope you had as much fun watching as I had doing it !

Larissa!!!!! you are so beautiful inside and out.I wish to MORE of your lovely beautiful pinky pussy. Emmmm just love it.