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Anneke & Katya

You guys are fantastic together! Such sensuous movements. Anneke, your full lips and gentle throbbing when receiving Katya’s kisses down there are sooo sexy. And I am a big fan of frottage – grinding it on the thigh. Katya’s grinding it on Anneke’s thigh really stole the show for me. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Let me know where frottage ranks for girls on the pleasure scale – it’s my favorite position to watch!

Anneke & Katya


Age: 21 | Height: 172 cm | Pisces

A delight to watch and listen to as Patty, to the accompaniment of birdsong, the rustle of fabric sensuously undresses and begins to play first with fingers then her toy. All is beautifully captured by Patience in a delicious medley of scenes, over the shoulder as Patty lies on the sofa a little later from below as she kneels facing the camera, wonderfully capturing the ecstatic expressions on her face, splendid scenes from all angles and distances.