Hayley T

Age:      18
Height:     156
City:     Melbourne

Fantastic, my only slight disappointment is that even after a second shoot, I was hoping she’d show us a little more of her ‘girly bits’. Each to their own, maybe next time.

Estella Z

Age:      25
Height:     163

Your face with glasses , that you had black hair evereywhere was everso inviting, Estella.
Your seduction was gradual. And tho I must await utter privacy to hear your voice, seeing you show off your legs got to me very quickly.That you were barefoot was great. Your lovely white legs were spread early-on. They are so lithe and shapely.
Learning that this was your 1st show with Abby made me want you to be a smash hit; and you were. You knew that Abby and the men who work with her prefer natural beauty and expect models to spread the lips of their cunts with their fingers–the essence of female beauty. Seeing your most individually beautiful vagina now turns not only us guys and the thousands who will visit in the months ahead, you yourself have lived for sex and the act of revealing yourself has been dear for you. You are so lucky and I thrill at your wonderful spirit and the pleasure that you are having.

Louise R

Age:      24
Height:     168
City:     Melbourne

We couldn’t get enough of Louise, so this redux is a real treat. She’s still looking the picture of health and fitness with that sparkling smile.