Age:      18
Height:     183

The world over men (and no doubt some women) are anxiously awaiting more of this lovely young lady. Count me in, can’t wait. A suggestion for the crew, while walking across the bridge was a great opportunity for a naughty peek up Harper’s dress. Just a thought…. Love the panties, very sexy, and of course it’s what’s in them that counts.


Age:      22
Height:     157
City:     Melbourne

Danicka has a very spicy, naughty character as projected through the lens. I find her fascinating! Yum!! I’m obsessed with the breasts and nipples, not even for the wisps of hair. They’re just so pink and saucy and inviting!

Lisa T

Age:      19
Height:     163

When I looked upon Lisa’s image I saw a very beautiful women in the making. May she go on growing in mind and spirit to become whatever she wants to be. I only hope that she achieves in her studies and growth to extend herself into a profession before motherhood.
Besides her bod, her hair is so well groomed to become a styled encoutrement to her visage, to her eyes.
And I could go on, but time is brief, if Lisa wishes me to be more eloquent, I would be happy to concentrate more, and give more.

Iveta & Katia

Age:      24
Height:     157,179

Oh me oh my! Two delectable cuties who interact with each other in a very sensual way…..this one is a ten! I haven’t watched the vids yet, but from the photos I can tell they like each other and what they’re doing. I’ve been around for about five years now, and I’ve always loved redheads that are ALL redheads. Brunettes with such beatific smiles have always been my favorite as well. Both girls are plush and soft, eager to please and oh-so-sexy!! This may not be the absolute best one on the site, but it certainly is one of the top ten. I think the girls’ attitude and the affection they show is what makes it a cut above some other sets. And, as always, the technical side of the shoot is superb. It’s very pleasant to watch girls having fun–this set is going to be archived for another viewing.
Congratulations, ladies, a job well-done!! Hope to see you again soon.