Beach Girls

Height: similar
City: Melbourne
What’s twice as good as two naked girls playing in the ocean? Why, four naked girls playing in the ocean, of course! And here’s where you can see exactly that. They leap around, they joke about, they pull each other’s bikinis off, they laugh, they play, they fall over. All at a beautiful deserted beach on a sunny hot day as the evening approaches. I tell you it’s glorious!


Soft kitty


Age:   19
Height:  165
City:  Melbourne

Hollie undresses in her bedroom with just her kitten for company. With her soft gloves, socks and sweater, Hollie could be even cuddlier than the kitty.
What do you think of hollies pussy.
I think it is very cute
Its more of the short haired variety rathy than a long haired type.
Looks like it wants to be patted and stroked. Prboabably would be very contented if you did that.
What sort of pussies do others like


Pillow fight!!!

Elizabeth & Danielle R

Age: 19
Height: Tiny
City: Sydney

These two are so damn edible and that’s just on their own. We better tread carefully pairing these two up. Civil war could break loose, and all we hoped for was a couple of new members.
These two had never met each other before this day, and Abby and I were admittedly a little anxious about how things would go with these two gorgeous goddesses. Turns out they loved each other’s company, and could have even fooled us if they’d have said they were old time buddies. (I think it’s so cute when models exchange numbers at the end of shoots.)



Age: 25
Height: 175
City: Sydney

What can we say about Petria that has not been said already. She’s a natural, she’s a classic model, whom we never get tired of seeing. As beautiful as ever, I wonder if she realises how beautiful she is. Beautiful smile, great body, I think all has been said about that siren.


Glory of the 80’s

80s Girls
Age: 22
Height: Various
City: Melbourne

Four girls go to an 80’s retro party and try out the clothes, makeup and dance moves of the “Me Decade”.

Ah the 80’s what a time. A lot of things happened to me in the 80’s. Primary school, A bloody nose from a cricket ball.Started high school. Got my drivers license.Finish High School. Bad hair. Madonna with her singing. Since when she can sing. Michael Jackson with his fake nose.
Yes and the 80’s Girls pic Gallery. That is a good gallery from bad 80’s stuff made better by four spunky girls.


Natural goddess


Age:   25
Height:  167
City:  Melbourne

I personally am not into body hair most of the time but on occasion I find one particular lady that can pull it off with the grace it takes. A bohemian lover myself I like no makeup (or very little), brunette, fair skin, proportionate measurements,and a natural beauty. Wow Ariane I am certainly impressed. What a sexy, natural, tasty morsel you are. You are absolutely wonderful. The body and face that one of the masters would have spent months trying to replicate on canvas. Thank God for photography.