Pert Tanned Breasts

Tanned, French Amabella undresses her slim body and exposes her pert breasts as she gazes seductively.
Exploring her body, Amabella opens up her long legs to reveal her perfectly shaved vulva and the smooth contours of her bum and hips. While Amabella is having fun and enjoying herself, Misha even makes a surprise entrance to join in!

Liza K

Spreading her legs wide apart, Liza begins her stretching routine, displaying her extreme flexibility as she bends her torso forwards, pushing her round bum out in the process. Slowly beginning to undress, the pulls down her shorts, showing her pink panties that barely cover her full bush.
Continuing to undress, Liza sits completely naked on her exercise ball, playfully bouncing as she giggles. Leaning backwards on the couch she lets her legs up and apart, moving her hands towards her hairy vulva and spreading her labia with the tip of her fingers.


Agnieszka’s labia is peeking from the side of her panties while she wiggles on her bed and rubs her self with body lotion.
She teases dripping water on her nipples and opens her legs to show her tampon string that is dangling. She is playful in her bedroom jumping on the bed sticking her perfect ass up.


Leaning back on the couch as she smiles widely, Annika slowly opens her legs, showing her panties that barely cover her full bush. Taking her top off, she moves her hands towards her big breasts, squeezing them together before slowly removing her bra.
Continuing to undress, she lays completely naked down on all fours on the floor, smiling as she plays with her vulva, spreading her labia apart. Turning around, Annika grabs her favourite sex toy and massages her clit with it.

Violet Y

Age: 20
Height: 165
City: Melbourne

She’s got a GORGEOUS face and is so sexy in glasses (and nothing else)!
I think Violet is even more beautiful now than before if that’s possible. She has a perfect body, small breast perhaps which I don’t mind at all but so well proportioned and what a great bum. There will never be enough of her.
Blonde hairy bush has always fascinated me, don’t know why.



Fantastic! Antoinette is all one could dream for in the prefect female! My three favourite colours: Blonde, Blue, & Pink! Proof positive that it does not require assorted tattoos, piercings and heavy makeup to be beautiful. What more could be added to what Nature herself has designed and presented here! Antoinette, you make me wish I was many years younger, a lot better looking, rich and Australian!