Larissa M

Age: 21
Height: 171
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :
Hi there ! My name is Larissa M. and I am a student. I am really excited to be posing for Abby Winters and having some fun. Hope you enjoy it too ! Love always.
After the Shoot :
Hey guys ! I had a great time shooting this set, it was so much fun playing with myself and talking about my experiences. It felt so great to really let go and relax to get right into it. I hope you had as much fun watching as I had doing it !

Larissa!!!!! you are so beautiful inside and out.I wish to MORE of your lovely beautiful pinky pussy. Emmmm just love it.


There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the beauty of this model and this location! Immie first appears to us in a blue bikini which she looks great in – but we still want to see her naked. Immie takes off her bikini at the water’s edge and we see her high breasts and nice full bush. But she doesn’t stop there; she sits in the sand, spreads her legs and fingers her pussy lips apart – lots of girlcum inside. With her bum covered in sand, it’s time to get back into the water.


Age: 19
It takes a brave model to get undressed in the middle of a residential street, then run up and down the pavement in her birthday suit. Darya rises to that challenge and seems to do so fearlessly. The fall leaves, her unabashed enthusiasm, and Darya’s killer body make this a very memorable set.

Sandra K

In my humble opinion Sandra K has the most beautiful of all the many many beautiful breasts on AW. Although I’m sure she has many other pleasant qualities, these most absolutely perfect treasures just somehow overwhelm me and drive me wild. They are not only perfectly shaped and perfectly placed but they are of the most exquisite consistency as shown in the latest vids. WOW! She would be my most preferred choice for a shoot or series on different bras and different ways to put them on (and take them off). The little bra shown in the regular gallery shoot is only a starting point for this lovely young lady. I would suggest a lacy demi. One of those airy and almost frothy little numbers. And then go on from there….. Hmmm.

Wrestling Girls

Such concentration, such focus! Three pairs battle it out collegiate wrestling style. Leotards pulled tight, intense energy, heat and hurt pride are features of this group nude Wrestling Girls shoot. Chloe B vs. Annalisa, Fotina vs. Carly T and Immie wins over the Italian beauty Violeta!
What a fantastic shoot! I loved the whole sequencing of the shoot, with each pair taking turns in the center spotlight with the other two pairs lit softly from above in the background. It was great when the pairs in the background would pause to watch the pair in the middle. All of the models looked beautiful!


With a hand surreptitiously edging its way towards her throbbing pussy, naturally gorgeous, blue-eyed Evette can feel her desire mounting…she’s completely alone and as her eyes close in dreamy bliss, her fingertips trace delicate little circles and she shows you exactly which button to push to make her cum!
Evette, you are indeed very beautiful; such gorgeous eyes. Looking forward to this video, if my crummy internet ever downloads it! Many thanks for sharing, looking forward to more.

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What a lovely young lady! Beautiful breasts and a charming smile. And so well photographed, too; well lit so that we can even see on her breasts the marks of her recently removed bra. And did I mention her smile?
Thank you Patricia, thank you Abby.


Age: 19

Harper is back to treat you to more of her all Abby perfection and I’m sure everyone out there is glad to see her back! Fun, natural and animated she is always a delight to watch.
I don’t know about you but I can’t get over those trusses on long locks and they way she flicks them around. Yummy, yummy, yummy!


Age: 24

This shoot makes me think of toffee apples – it’s so bright and happy! Well it fits perfectly because Chessie is such a bright, perky model…in this picture series she shows off her killer body- even teasing us a bit – pretending to lift up her bra but not..Oh the tease will drive you nuts!! But it’s worth the torment because Chessie is so gorgeous in all her naked glory.


Age: 19
Height: 172

Before the Shoot :

Today is the day of my first shoot !! I am very nervous but couldnt sleep last night was so excited ! I cant wait to get out to location and start shooting, i was looking forward to shooting outside ( i love being naked outside ! ) But it is raining :(

After the Shoot :

This was so much fun I was very professional and i felt totally relaxed and managed to enjoy myself immensely. I felt so in control and seriously sexy. I feel like a goddess and like I could do anything I cannot wait to do more shoots ! This has been the best day of my life. Lots of love


Age: 25

She is so beautiful. TRUE redhead. Green eyes. Awesome smile. Excellent bum. I have been literally counting down the days to this post. I was worth it. Thank you Sacha! Thank you Abby for continuing to deliver such beautiful models and genuine redheads!
Sacha- thank you for not making your eyebrows black. I love their natural color.

Wonderful eyes and fabulous breasts

Carly T
Age: 19

Looking delightfully sleepy, with sexy bed hair and cute girly pyjamas on, Carly T rolls around her bed first thing in the morning, looking suspiciously like she may be trying to stop you heading off to work! She peels her clothes off seductively, revealing slowly but surely more and more of her slim, natural body.
It’d be hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with Carly around.

Beautiful.Wonderful eyes and fabulous breasts