Age: 19
Height: 170
City: Melbourne

Bronte is beautiful. Just looking at her face gets me excited beyond the ability to control myself. I did take a peek or two at her body, which is also magnificent

Studio: releases a new title each month in each of two lines: Girl-Girl DVDs and Intimate Moments DVDs.
These DVDs contain the very best content from what’s available on the site, re-edited for DVD release, along with some awesome DVD extras. Some material is filmed specially for DVD.
The Intimate Moments masturbation line shows one – or two!- girls in a room with a running video camera, masturbating to very real orgasm without any direction, fakery or distraction. The Girl-Girl line, similarly, is spontaneous, passionate, intense sex caught on film by the professional, all-female, in-house shoot team. shoots amateur models who are neither spoiled nor jaded. Performances are spontaneous, candid and entirely real. No rehearsals, no multiple takes, just girls getting it on and getting themselves off!
Every shoot, every DVD, every video and photoset released on the site, has been produced and photographed exclusively by We never buy content produced by anyone else, and content is not available from any other producers.

On the deck


Age:      18
Height:     165
City:     Melbourne

Our Lola is a very girly girl, and was quite devastated when I told her that we don’t want her to wear any make-up in the shoots. I don’t know why, she has such beautiful skin (along with her beautiful body and beautiful personality). I mean, what more could anyone want?

Video Newsletter #4

[flv:news4.flv news4.jpg 361 203]

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Age: 22
Height: 175
City: Melbourne

Meredith is a shy quiet beauty. She may not have much to say, but what she does say is always intelligent and kind. You’ll normally find this girl reading in a park or riding her bike around the beautiful streets of Melbourne.


Age:      22
Height:     169
City:     Melbourne

Nice girl, attractive. Looks slightly exotic, well I like her anyway. Not too sure about the tattoo, nice enough design but I’m not so keen on ’em generally. Nicely shaped little breasts as well, good stuff.
Glad to know the weather is picking up. And thanks Jeannie!
Very pretty. Beautiful eyes. Though why she’d take such lovely chestnut hair and try to paint it red is beyond me. Is it too much to hope she has pubic hair?

Video Newsletter #3

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Age:      18
Height:     157
City:     Melbourne

Bryony tells us she’s always wanted to have a go at nude modelling; she’s clearly a natural and loves every moment of this shoot.

Does that spider bit,if your tangled in it’s lair?
Or does it run and hide, in that tiny space of hair?
A blued eyed blond with all the extras, and a butterfly above her butt
Would she do an IM for us,to move us out this rut?
She looks damn good just standing there ,but can she do the deed
Or must just wait a while and see,or should we beg and plead

Girls With Desire

General Information
Sexual tension, carnal passion and raw horniness. Girls with Desire shows what girl-girl action is all about in two deliciously filthy scenes.

Raven-haired, big breasted, seductively curvaceous and a fan of anal, Angie is the ultimate lover. In a barnyard amongst the haystacks, she wastes no time in the first scene starring Chloe, as she hungrily devours every party of her partners body. Fast and hard, orgasm after orgasm, this big breasted duo don’t stop until they’re both left gasping for air.

In her next scene, Angie’s fervid tongue introduces Shaminee to her first on-camera girl-girl experience in an abandoned warehouse. Shaminee is a quick learner. She utilises all her piercings to full effect, as these kinky girls experiment with anal, licking and sucking their way to multiple orgasms.

Product Information
Current Best Seller Rank: 142
All Time Best Seller Rank: 23036
Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Behind the Scenes
Number of Discs: 1
Rating: XXX
Release Date: 9/2/2008
Production Year: 2008
Studio: abbywinters
Studio Code: [None]

Video Newsletter #2

Hosted by: Leah
Featuring: Shee-ra, Violeta, Krystin, Lea & Leah, DIY Girls, Chloe B & Marigold

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Screenprinting Girls

Age:      19
Height:    All different sizes
City:     Melbourne

There is nothing quite like seven chics trying to create… Throw them some paint, screenprinting equipment and tell them to get their gear off – it’s a hard job hey?


There is something particularly beautiful about the sets done outdoors. . . perhaps it is the reflection of a natural state in nature! Did you find anything different as oppose to being shot in an indoor setting? Not that you have done this type of thing indoors necessarily – just curious as to the experience in such a setting.