All of our models are amateurs. Most of them are all-natural. And many of them have never posed nude before. How are we able to get so many "first-timers" to take off their clothes (and in some cases do MUCH more)? Because when we do a shoot, we respectfully venture into a model's home (or to her backyard, or to a park, or the beach, or a place that's "special to her"), we let her pick out her favorite pair of clothes, and then we encourage her to take them off.
Abby started this site in October 2000 because she wasn't seeing what she wanted to see on the web. Most porn sites dressed up their "amateurs" to look like "professionals," totally missing - and spoiling - the model's natural appeal. is dedicated to showing that natural appeal in all its splendor
Skye T
Age: 18
Height: 156
City: Sydney


That's why is full of photos and videos of the regular, all natural girls you see every day - store clerks, students, musicians - all of them around 18 to 23 years old. These are girls you can relate to, not models trying to look amateur. True amateurs in normal (and often quite sexy) clothes getting naked in attractive domestic and natural settings
What's also great about our site is that our girls are happy and having fun. They're doing something they really want to do. And for most of them it's something they've never done before, so it's incredibly thrilling.
And as a member, you get to share deeply in the joy of our models as they take a risk by taking off their clothes. We offer LOTS of ways for you to interact closely with our models and make suggestions on new content. At, you're MORE than just a're an active participant

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